Wednesday, February 29

Ever So Grateful.

Today I want to just put up a heartfelt and sincere thank you for the kind and encouraging words yesterday. It really meant a lot.
So I will take the next two days and really think it all over. Returning refreshed having been reminded there is nothing wrong with who I am.


 I am grateful for love, in all its forms and from all its varied locations. Your words hit home. Thank you.

I am grateful for eh council of my friend who told me, "next time someone who is not a close friend asks you personal questions about anything in a way you are not comfortable with, smile politely and ask them how their Herpes are."  ...giggle

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Princess Leah said...

He he!!
I LOVE your friends idea! Thats a great come back question, I'm gonna use it too.
I loved all the advice that people gave you yesterday, as well. Those who know you, love you for who you are, and those are opinions that sometimes matter, not random outsiders. Keep up the good work doll!!
XO Leah