Tuesday, February 14

100 Day Project

I have said it a lot, that I think my kids are really cool and very funny. Here is more proof.
Seth had to come up with a 100 day project for his class. In years past we have counted out 100 paper clips, we have glued 100 cotton balls to a t-shirt. Well all pale in comparison to last nights 100 day project...

Yes that is correct, this years 100 day project is 100 Dinosaur poops. You should have seen Seth's smile.


I am grateful for clean socks.

I am grateful for e-mails from old friends. Unexpected and very sweet.

I am grateful for creative kids, that make me smile.


Ooh and I am back on air tonight Feb, 15th with Rob from 9pm-12pm.


Tanya said...

Bahahahahaha! I would of loved to see the look on his teacher's face when he brought that in.

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! Did he draw the dinosaur too, it's very impressive! (I'd still be impressed if you drew it!)

Anonymous said...

As I teacher I really appreciate the creative juices in that project!! LOVE IT!