Monday, January 30

Rough Justice

Right before I walked into the control room to start my shift this afternoon I received a phone call from my kids principal telling me Gabe had defended one of his little buddies who was getting beaten up. So I talked about it at work and the response was unbelievable.

Look at the 1023NOW radio FB page. Scroll down a little until you see my post that reads like this

....Today before I started the show I got a phone call from my kids school saying my son got into a physical altercation. Gabe (grade 3) stopped a older student (grade 6) 
 who was fighting another younger student ( grade 3 kid). He saw an injustice and helped out his little buddy. ...and quite frankly I am 
 proud as hell!! -Joelle

On top of all these comments and the amazing number of likes we got hundreds of texts and about 30 phone calls during the show. Simply amazing!  


I am grateful for my children.

I am grateful I don't have amnesia. 

I am grateful for hope.



Leah M said...

That was a great show! Its nice to have someone with kids, to give another perspective to the radio. I think that kid was lucky Gabes brothers didn't get involved otherwise it might have been a real smackdown!!
Keep up the great work!

Monika Crowfoot said...

love it. isaiah handled a similar situation. it does make a mama proud, that's for sure. ;) good job, gabe!