Wednesday, January 25

Parental Refocus.

Last night right before Gabe went to bed, he said to me that he feels like we don't play together much anymore.
It stung a little, but the truth does often hurt. We have not played much like we used to, not since Christmas when the children each got an iPod touch (a gift I was not overly thrilled with for the record.) And to be fair and to own my part in it, my iPhone is constantly with me. I have really tried to tame the amount I am on it after reading this article, I have tried to remember that it's people that matter and I have been making a conscious effort to ignore the blings and be present and alert with who I am with.

I like being reminded that I am losing parental focus (I don't feel it happens that often but when it does) I like being set back on track. I like that it is more often then not my children that will say, mom, I miss doing this thing or that thing.  I want my children to know that parenting is hard and that no one is perfect at it. I want them to hear me say I'm sorry to them, and know that I don't think I pretend to know everything.

Gabe went on to explain that me misses us laughing and dancing and asked if today when we finished homework and dinner, could we have a dance off like we used to. HELL YES!!

Conversations like this one are happening more and more and I absolutely love it. Not so much conversations that are informing me of an area that I am currently sucking at as a mother, but more conversations period. I love that the kids are getting older. I love that they talk to me, I love that they feel they can come to me with things. They don't tell me everything, which they shouldn't. They need to learn how to keep things from me too, and they need to be so grossed out they want to die when I talk to them about girls, kissing and the birds and the bees. But other then those things, they do share quite a bit. My children are happy kids.

Life is good and I am a very lucky woman.

I am grateful for the imagination of my kids.

During dinner I asked each of the children what they wanted to do with their lives. All were interesting, but Ethan took the cake. He says:
When I grow up I will finish school then,
-live with you
-Be in the winter Olympics for snowboarding
-X games
-Summer Olympics for Basketball
win gold medals in all of those things, then sell the medals.
-Use the money to go to Vegas
-Buy a mansion and 5 Ferrari's
-Then he's going to be a professional Basketball player, or a MALL COP!!

 And to be clear, he said all this with a straight serious face.

I am grateful to my dear friends who all got back from Mexico today and showered me with fun things from their trips!!


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