Sunday, January 15

My First Day Doing The Morning Show!

Monday January 16th has been a day I have been excited about and dreading for the last two weeks. Chris and I get to cover the morning show for Crash and Mars this week starting on the 16th while they take some much deserved time off.

I am so full of every emotion I can hardly stand it! Me, Joelle, is doing the morning show at NOW radio. I am covering for CRASH AND MARS!!!! The Crash and Mars that, not too long ago, were these two distant voices I listened to every morning to get through the 2 hours I spent every day driving Seth to school in Edmonton. The same Crash and Mars who gave me $100 for my birthday 2 years ago when I called in with a funny story. The same Crash and Mars who are now my co workers and my friends.

Wish me luck!

Today for music Monday I have a few picks from different places, like always.

The song I got from Starbucks this week is brilliant!

Slightly teeny bopper but it's good.

I always liked The Fray, and this new one does not disappoint!

last, another one from Foster the People.


 I am grateful for the snow. Crazy as it sounds, I like the white stuff, and I am happy it's here.

I am grateful for this opportunity, nervous as hell I am I am, so on go the big girl panties. On and pulled snug! I can do this!!!

I am grateful for happiness.

And before I forget! I would like to wish my dear friend Angelo Bortone (aka Sam's dad) a special Happy birthday! 
I arranged for there to be sun in Italy for your special day:) 
Buon compleanno mio caro amico. Non desidero altro che felicit√† e amore per te questa visita year.Comepresto.
Tutti i migliori, ti amo! xx

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Tanya said...

You are going to do great!