Sunday, January 8

Music Monday And A Name Change

Tonight at dinner Seth says to me,"mom, can you can you change my name?"
I asked him , what do you want me to change it to?
He answers rather quickly (obviously having given this a lot of thought before asking me) to Spy Seth.
"Why? Why do you want to be called that?"
"Because it's way cooler then just Seth."

Ethan pipes up from the living room, "can you rename me too?"
What the heck do you want to be called?
Ethan says ,"Derek, I want to be called Derek because it means King. Ethan just means strong, but King is way better."

My children are nuts, and I love it!

Today for music Monday I have a few, so get comfortable.

A friend of mine on twitter sent me this one, and it's brilliant!

Okay, seriously, how great is this one?!!!

And of course, my new favorite Adele. I just love this woman!


I am grateful for music, and for everything it does for me. How it fixes things and makes them a little bit  better. 

I am grateful for paint, and its power to refresh and uplift.

I am grateful for my new go cup. It ROCKS!!! and kept things warm for hours today at the station!


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