Monday, January 16

Mamma Needs a Nap.

3am is a horrific hour of the day. Even worse when there is snow everywhere and it is -27.
But this 3 am was an exciting one for me. I got to fill in for Crash and Mars with Chris and it was great!
Getting up at that hour after very little sleep (I saw almost every hour last night) was not easy, and I found myself very nervous and not my normal chatty self on air but Chris is a great teacher and helped talk me out of my nerves. I hope tomorrow goes better.

I'll start with more sleep.

When I got home from the shift I struggled on the drive home, and fell asleep right away. It's going to take a few days to get used to the hours a morning show person has. ugh...

Its 6 pm right now and I could lay down on the ground right now and go to sleep.


I am grateful for Chris and for how much he has taught me. You are a good friend to me. Thank you.

I am grateful for the pizza that was brought over today to celebrate my big day, thanks Jenny, even though I don't think I did great its so nice to have such loving friends who are cheering me on. Also, thank you to everyone for the emails and messages of encouragement! You are so kind and I am a lucky girl!!!!

I am grateful for my truck starter.


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