Sunday, January 22

Last Day Of Morning Shows.

Its 7:19 pm and I am getting ready to go to bed. Tomorrow is the last day Chris and I do the morning show.  I am feeling a tad bitter sweet, it has been wonderful!

I have so much to tell you this week, there are lots of big things coming in the next few days it's hard for me to keep quiet, but I must. So for now, I will share only music I found this week.

These are simple, haunting and lovely. They speak to me like no songs have in a long time.

The other day when I was in my favorite store Anthropologie, I heard these songs and loved them instantly.

Cee lo Green

It has been such a fantastic few days and I am so proud of myself. I can't help but smile so big.


I am grateful for wonderful desserts.

I am grateful feeling like I am really good at something.

I am grateful for NYC. I was thinking about it this week. I hope to go back one day.