Wednesday, January 18

Happy Hump Day!

I am half way through my week of morning shows and I have learned so much I could write a small book. It has been wonderful and awful and cold and fun all wrapped up together.

I used to have crazy hours when I worked in EMS. I used to be able to stay up for days on end working and not feel too dreadful. Once upon a time I would leap (no joke) out of bed when the alarm clock/pager/radio went off informing me there was an emergency to respond to. But that was also 13 years-4 kids-30 pounds and 2 days ago. I know this kind of change and routine is something you train your body to do. So I know it will keep getting easier the longer I do it. Every day when the alarm goes off at 3am, that is what I tell myself.

Today during the show Chris surprised me with news we would be interviewing Isaac Slade, lead singer of The Fray. I LOVE THE FRAY!!! My favorite song is "You found me".

But the reason for the interview was because of there new album and the first single called Heartbeat.

That was exciting enough, but then Chris tells me that he is going to let me be in charge and lead the interview. I was so excited. I prepared for almost 2 hours practicing what I would say and got questions ready. Chris and I role played and I pretended Chris was Isaac and asked him my questions. Chris is really great about teaching me as much as he can and explaining things in a way I can understand. But sadly when the time came for the interview, I choked and little and got really nervous. Like the true professional Chris is, when I snapped my fingers (which was our signal if I needed help) he leaped to his head set and turned on his mic and saved me. When Chris got back on and started to talk I instantly felt more at ease, able to relax and be myself. I am lucky to have such a great partner.

In the end I was Joelle again, and it felt great. I was laughing, joking and having fun.


I am grateful for all the help I have been getting this week with the kids.

I am grateful for the wonderful dinner Sam made. 

I am grateful for bedtime. I am so tired. 


ken-inatractor said...

Your're rockin the morning show Joelle. Awesome job.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joelle, I have been listening to you all week on the way to work, thinking, is that Joelle? No it can't be. The kicker is, I tend to not listen to anything in the AM. It was the conversation about Sesame Street and breast feeding that came up when you said you were a doula - I knew it had to be you - so I googled Joelle and Now Radio. Congrats!! You are a perfect fit for the job! I often think of you and Seth and wonder how you guys are doing. It looks like all is well! I am so happy for you! I can't believe Seth and Nora are "all grown up" now! It seems like just yesterday Seth was running down the halls with hugs for us!
Sending hugs and warm wishes your way,
Heather :)

Natasha said...

Wooow! That's a big deal for you!! I only know of and love that one song from The Fray. I can't even say that would be like me interviewing May & Seth because I've already met them and hugged Seth. What's my equivalent and don't say Jude Law because AS IF. Nothing touches Jude Law.