Sunday, January 1

First Music Monday of 2012, and it's a gooder.

The perfect way to start off this new year is of course with music.

I was given a CD of great music this Christmas and I wanted to share some of it with everyone.

 This one is from Starbucks this week.

Lastly for this Monday I wanted to show you something I fell in love with the second I watched. It's a rather unorthodox spin on a cooking show by two guys in BC. It's hilarious. *BUT BE WARNED: IT CONTAINS LANGUAGE THAT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR SOME VIEWERS!!!* Enjoy!


I am grateful for my reestablished commitment to Gillian Michaels.

I am grateful for sidewalk salt and grit. Maybe my neighbour Keira wont fall anymore while she comes over to visit.

I am grateful for clean sheets and soft pillows.



ken-inatractor said...

Excited to follow you into the New Year Joelle. Currently reading my way through your life, i'm just starting June. You are often thought provoking.....sometimes goofy as hell. I love it. :)

Christy said...

Love Florence and the Machine! "shake it out" is richly textured and blows me away again and again! Thumbs up on this Music Monday!