Wednesday, January 4

An Early Night

Tonight is an early night for me, the reason I have to have an early night is because tomorrow I have to be at the station bright and early. Tomorrow I am going to the radio station to watch how Crash and Mars do the morning show.
The reason I am going to watch how Crash and Mars do the morning show is because in a week Chris and I will be covering for them while they are away on vacation. Chris is a seasoned pro at all this but I am nervous as hell about the whole thing. I really don't want to make a fool of myself so I want to be as prepared as possible. So I am going to go watch how they do it all and take note, yes I am actually going to take notes. They might just be mental so as not to really embarrass myself, but regardless notes will be taken.

I am really looking forward to more growth and the continual learning opportunities I am having with the radio station.  I am really happy there.


I am grateful for the letter and gift I found in my mail box today. Thank you for thinking of me and the kids you sweet lady.

I am grateful for feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I love moments like this where I get to see more of what I am capable of.

I am grateful for the unexpected e-mail I got today. It warmed my heart. Thank you. 

I am grateful for a clean house and a nice dinner.



Leah M said...

I'm excited to hear you in the mornings on my way to work!
You will be fantastic, I know you will absorb lots of great info, I thought I heard them ask you something this morning!
Good luck!

Mary said...

I really enjoy hearing you with Chris on the weekends. You will be great in the Mornings and have no reason to be nervous, just be Joelle and everyone will fall in love with you.

ken-inatractor said...

the only negative thing that i can think of concerning your week of doing the morning show is that i'm going to be gone the entire week and will end up missing the whole damned thing. Bad timing sucks, i am positive your show won't. Hope you have alot of fun. :)

Tanya said...

You are going to do great!

Anonymous said...

U go girl!! I'm so excited for you!!!!

mch said...

from what i heard and read ,your a very strong person with the courage and ability to take all head on ,and raise above with confidant of one hell of a job acomplished .