Thursday, January 5

Devil Peanuts!!!

Tonight my neighbor came over for dinner. I normally love it when she brings over little treats to add to dinner. It makes it exciting to see what she will bring and I always like trying new things.

Well, tonight she brought over Hubs Virginia Peanuts. Supposedly the best peanuts in the world. Along with the peanuts she brought over these little Hubs peanut butter squares. They were delicious but they were labeled incorrectly, they should have been called THE DEVIL peanuts.  

After trying them, my face started to feel funny and warm and my eyes and face were tight and swollen. I went up to the bathroom to take a look at myself and sure enough, my skin was blotchy and swelling with red patches all over. 

Stupid Damn nuts!

I did not even know I was allergic, actually, I know I am not, up until now I wasn't. That's why I have renamed them! So now I am on Benadryl and feeling really sleepy. 

On a completely unrelated note to facial swelling, horrible skin, anaphylaxis and near death, this morning with Crash and Mars was wonderful. They are so amazing at the jobs they do. I loved watching them. The two of them work at such a lightening pace it was mind blowing. 
I enjoyed asking questions and seeing their style of show. It is bloody brilliant! No wonder they are where they are. 


I am grateful for Benadryl. 

I am grateful for The constant help I am getting from others. 

I am grateful for humble pie. I believe its good to eat more often then not. 





Natasha said...

Wow! Peanut allergy! Weird.

Percy2626 said...

I hope you are going out to get yourself an epi-pen now!!! That is awful to get an allergic reaction that bad when you didn't react previously! Good thing you made your last peanuts worthwhile! They sounded delicious.