Friday, January 6

Cool Things I Found This Week.

Another week down, and it has been a good one. I have had the entire week off, the kids have been with Drew which has allowed me to sleep in, clean and organize and do things I really enjoy doing and don't get to most weeks. Throughout this week I found a few things that were completely amazing that I wanted to put on my blog and share with everyone.

First. The new bra I bought. I got a GC given to me by a dear friend right before Christmas to a ladies store so I could buy a new bra. I put on some weight in London that I still have not shaken and was in need of a new one. She is a doll and wanted to do something sweet knowing if she gave me cash, I would do the "mom thing" and spend it in a more practical way.
Thank you Jen, I really appreciate it. I would post a picture of it so everyone could appreciate its beauty and the fantastic detail, but because I try to keep my blog at least PG I won't be posting it, but I assure you it is stunning, and I feel like a sexy queen in it! Its a great bra, and the girls are happy.

Second. Earlier in the week I was at a friends parents house and I saw this.

It is quite possibly the most incredible dishwasher system I have ever seen. There are two here so you can wash double the dishes. AMAZING!!

Third. Tasha sent me this coat hanger.

Honestly, if you can get past the slightly phallic undertones, I think it is really cool and would look great in my front entrance.

Fourth. A 1983 DMC-12.

I helped move this car for a guy (yes I actually helped push it I did not just stand there and watch. I couldn't help but smile, I kept waiting for Doc to come around the corner. It was super cool!

Fifth and last of my cool things to show, I found these hangers.

They are half a tea pot and half a tea cup made into something to hang stuff from . I LOVE them! Man, people are so cleaver and creative. How cool would these look on your wall with a tea towel hanging off of it?

I love getting to spend time alone, it's good for me to recharge my batteries, think about things, catch up on emails, meet new people and laugh. It has been a wonderful week.


I am grateful for my new bra. Man its nice to have a great bra, makes you look 10 pounds lighter and the girls look way better!

I am grateful for my painted bedroom.  I love it, Thank you pleb!

I am grateful for radio day tomorrow. I love radio days!



Anonymous said...

Love you Blogs keep them coming

TheRealSlimKatie said...

Those hangers are awesome!! My husband would really like that coat hanger!! What a great idea!! (He'll be making me one soon!! haha) Thanks again for sharing! ♥

Leah M said...

WHERE did you find those cute tea cup hangers? I MUST have some!! Love Love Love!!
So glad you had such an awesome week. I'm really looking forward to hearing you in the morning next week!
Lots of love!

ken-inatractor said...

i hoped that when you helped to push the Delorian, you at least made some comment about a flux capacitor? :)