Tuesday, January 3

Another Bucket list Item scratched off...POW!

This morning I was invited to go out to my friends Garth and Deb's house to learn to make Dutch sugar bread. I was a good way to spend the morning. I wanted to learn how to make it for a few reasons. The first reason is it is, without question the most delicious bread I have ever eaten. I asked Garth once for the instructions and recipe but he said he swore to the man that gave it to him he would never share it with anyone. So unless I steal it in the dark of night or He will's it to me I will never get my hands on this stuff. 

The second reason I wanted to go out and learn to make this bread was for my children. This time of year I become the most lazy school lunch maker. At the beginning of the year I am great, the children have healthy snacks with a variety of choice, by December they get a sandwich that, if they are lucky has peanut butter spread on half of the bread. maybe they will have a cheese string, and possibly a yogurt tube. On really bad days I just open the cupboard and grab three or four random things I see. One time (for my own personal amusement) I closed my eyes and just grabbed a few things and shoved them into lunch bags. A can of soup, panko crumbs and vanilla extract seem exciting and interesting to try.
 So now after a bit of a rest from the craziness of every day, I will recommit to trying harder to pack them food they will enjoy and is nutritious.

The sugar bread dough in all its glory!
Its so beautiful and perfect in its little pans.

Also today, while we were waiting for the bread to bake Garth taught me how to sharpen knives using those sticks. Such a great day!I absolutely love when a normal day turns out to be one where I accomplish a life dream! 

Another tick off the Bucket list! Learn how to sharpen kitchen knives with one of those stick things POW!


I am grateful for the bags of sidewalk salt I found at Walmart that only cost me $4 a bag VS the stuff I found last week for $15.

I am grateful for Canadian Tire let me exchange my broken vacuum today for one that works!!! 

I am grateful for dear friends who do nice and thoughtful things to help me out when I really need it!

I am grateful for laughter. 


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Natasha said...

So happy to hear about the vacuum!!