Monday, January 30

Rough Justice

Right before I walked into the control room to start my shift this afternoon I received a phone call from my kids principal telling me Gabe had defended one of his little buddies who was getting beaten up. So I talked about it at work and the response was unbelievable.

Look at the 1023NOW radio FB page. Scroll down a little until you see my post that reads like this

....Today before I started the show I got a phone call from my kids school saying my son got into a physical altercation. Gabe (grade 3) stopped a older student (grade 6) 
 who was fighting another younger student ( grade 3 kid). He saw an injustice and helped out his little buddy. ...and quite frankly I am 
 proud as hell!! -Joelle

On top of all these comments and the amazing number of likes we got hundreds of texts and about 30 phone calls during the show. Simply amazing!  


I am grateful for my children.

I am grateful I don't have amnesia. 

I am grateful for hope.


Sunday, January 29

Music Monday Chris's Last Weekend Show

Chris announced he was leaving and it made everything feel different at the station. I asked Adam if partner turn over is a normal thing in radio and he said no. That made me feel better, I was worried I was feeling sad and it would be something that I should get used to. I'm glad it's not.
When I worked as an EMT I had a medic partner named Adrian. He was killed when we worked up north. Adrian and I had an ability to work together that I have never duplicated since. We worked well, never fought, and we laughed a lot. There was an understanding that I find difficult to explain. I never had to tell Adrian I was upset with a call we were on, or a situation that we were dealing with. He could just tell by my face. When I was exhausted he would speak up for us both and when we could handle one more flight he understood that too.
We laughed a lot. We both handled stress the same and would often giggle and banter while driving back from something tear worthy.

Chris and I get along like Adrian and I did. Chris is forever making me laugh and with the snap of the fingers can do a dead pan straight face banter session that makes me cry I'm laughing so hard. I expect not many people have experienced this type of working relationship with someone else. That makes me feel even more fortunate to have worked with Mr.Chris. I hope the new guy and I get along like this too.

I am so happy for Chris and his beautiful family who will all be together again.

For MM I am posting a song I played at the radio station yesterday. It's a cover but in this case (to me) it is better then the original. In the span of 4 short days since I was first introduced to it I think I have played it about 78 times. and I am not joking. It is on repeat and is still going strong. I love singing along at the top of my lungs!

Here is the original, amazing as well and very artistic.


I am grateful for another chapter in this beautiful ongoing story of my life.

I am grateful My Dad and Rhonda surprised me and stopped by at the station this weekend to see me and where I work.

I am grateful for oatmeal.


Friday, January 27

My Last Weekend Show With Chris Love

This week has been bittersweet, I have not written much about anything in an attempt to avoid talking /writing about what I really want to write about. But it is now 6 am on Friday and I am preparing my post for Saturday. Which is normally the happiest day of the week for me because it is a radio day, but this week it is a rather somber day.
This weekend is mine and Chris's last weekend show together. Today, Saturday January 28th at around 1 pm Chris is going to announce that he is leaving NOW radio and moving back home to be closer to his beautiful daughters and family.
I heard the news a few weeks ago and I was devastated. Chris and I have become really good friends and I am going to miss him terribly. No one can blame him for his decisions, any and all parents will understand the torture your heart would go through not being closer to your children. Truthfully I have no idea how he managed away from them for so long. But he did, and I am grateful for it. I am grateful for my time with him. In this time together he has taught me so much. Chris is a dirty perv who I have come to adore. He makes me laugh and he does it so very easily. Chris is always calm and never gets worked up about anything. He is never patronizing when he explains things and always makes me feel safe to ask questions when there is something I don't understand. Chris treats me like an equal and is always quick to compliment and acknowledge a job well done. He has been a fantastic teacher and I could not have asked for a better person to help me along in this crazy journey.
So things will be changing for me over the next few weeks. I am not entirely sure what it will look like but I trust it will be what I need for this next stage. That is normally how the universe works, well for me anyway.

So after this weekend Chris and I continue covering the drive (3pm-7pm) for Rachael and Cary on Monday and Tuesday. Then he leaves.
I am so thankful we get to hang out for two more days. It will be nice to see my friend as much as possible before he goes. I am sure our last few days will involve a few tears from me, and more shameless flirting and dirty jokes from him, I would expect nothing less. I can't wait!


I am grateful for my teacher and friend Chris.

I am grateful for this time I have had to learn form such a professional.

I am grateful for how much I am going to laugh this weekend.


Wednesday, January 25

Parental Refocus.

Last night right before Gabe went to bed, he said to me that he feels like we don't play together much anymore.
It stung a little, but the truth does often hurt. We have not played much like we used to, not since Christmas when the children each got an iPod touch (a gift I was not overly thrilled with for the record.) And to be fair and to own my part in it, my iPhone is constantly with me. I have really tried to tame the amount I am on it after reading this article, I have tried to remember that it's people that matter and I have been making a conscious effort to ignore the blings and be present and alert with who I am with.

I like being reminded that I am losing parental focus (I don't feel it happens that often but when it does) I like being set back on track. I like that it is more often then not my children that will say, mom, I miss doing this thing or that thing.  I want my children to know that parenting is hard and that no one is perfect at it. I want them to hear me say I'm sorry to them, and know that I don't think I pretend to know everything.

Gabe went on to explain that me misses us laughing and dancing and asked if today when we finished homework and dinner, could we have a dance off like we used to. HELL YES!!

Conversations like this one are happening more and more and I absolutely love it. Not so much conversations that are informing me of an area that I am currently sucking at as a mother, but more conversations period. I love that the kids are getting older. I love that they talk to me, I love that they feel they can come to me with things. They don't tell me everything, which they shouldn't. They need to learn how to keep things from me too, and they need to be so grossed out they want to die when I talk to them about girls, kissing and the birds and the bees. But other then those things, they do share quite a bit. My children are happy kids.

Life is good and I am a very lucky woman.

I am grateful for the imagination of my kids.

During dinner I asked each of the children what they wanted to do with their lives. All were interesting, but Ethan took the cake. He says:
When I grow up I will finish school then,
-live with you
-Be in the winter Olympics for snowboarding
-X games
-Summer Olympics for Basketball
win gold medals in all of those things, then sell the medals.
-Use the money to go to Vegas
-Buy a mansion and 5 Ferrari's
-Then he's going to be a professional Basketball player, or a MALL COP!!

 And to be clear, he said all this with a straight serious face.

I am grateful to my dear friends who all got back from Mexico today and showered me with fun things from their trips!!


Monday, January 23

What I Have Learned About Myself Thus Far.

This past week was hard. Doing the morning show for 6 days was hard, way harder then I thought it would be. But the funny thing is, it's not the actual work that I found difficult. If I am being completely honest, the actual work is not difficult one little bit. I love the actual job, (if I can even call it that). To me what I do there is fun, relaxing, interesting and a true pleasure. I chat with people all day and listen to music. The radio station is my happy place.  So to be clear; the work was not difficult. 

What was difficult this past week was arranging childcare. Getting to bed on time. Getting up at 3 am. Making sure dinner was made for whomever was watching the kids that night. Making sure my kids got off to school on time. Phoning around to make sure school was not closed and if it was where my kids would go on the days the weather was so bad. Trying to maintain the mother role while running with my arms full was my biggest challenge.

All of these things were stressful. Very stressful some of the time. But through it all what I learned was...

I really enjoy my life right now. I enjoy being busy and having things to do. My time is done with staying home full time and I am unbelievably grateful for that. I gave it everything I had and it still took more. I voluntarily gave it all I had, and it now feels like the universe is saying thank you, job well done (well at least you did an acceptable job). So now it's my turn, at least on weekends. I appreciate the slow and gradual merging back into the real world.  I enjoy feeling challenged and I thrive in situations that demand a sharp learning curve. It's where I am most comfortable.

I am working on being happy (in every aspect of my life), that will come. And my humor will return to its entirety. One day I will be so happy I will almost forget how much this all hurt. One day I will laugh at everything like I used to, instead of only most of the time. But for now I will settle for feeling like I am on the right path.
You can not rebuild something that is perfectly intact, so I am grateful for the demolition that my heart, soul and faith has undergone over the last few years. I feel broken in every way, and I am now in a place to do some of my best learning and rebuilding. 

I am surrounding myself with gentle teachers, reliable builders and kind supporters and I am an excellent student. This week showed me, again, in a different genre that I can do hard things. And I can do them well. 

Difficult times do not define you, nor should they be fought. Difficult times give you the opportunity to show who you really are when you allow them to break you open. They will help you see who you are, the true authentic you.

This last week, I was introduced to more of who the authentic Joelle really is, and I really like her. I like her a lot. She is growing on me, she has good hair.


I am grateful for the sun. It was 2 degrees out today, the sun was warm on my face when I drove home. I loved it.

I am grateful for my ability to see things as they are. 

I am grateful for sleeping in.....OOH HOW I LOVE SLEEPING IN!! 

Sunday, January 22

Last Day Of Morning Shows.

Its 7:19 pm and I am getting ready to go to bed. Tomorrow is the last day Chris and I do the morning show.  I am feeling a tad bitter sweet, it has been wonderful!

I have so much to tell you this week, there are lots of big things coming in the next few days it's hard for me to keep quiet, but I must. So for now, I will share only music I found this week.

These are simple, haunting and lovely. They speak to me like no songs have in a long time.

The other day when I was in my favorite store Anthropologie, I heard these songs and loved them instantly.

Cee lo Green

It has been such a fantastic few days and I am so proud of myself. I can't help but smile so big.


I am grateful for wonderful desserts.

I am grateful feeling like I am really good at something.

I am grateful for NYC. I was thinking about it this week. I hope to go back one day.


Thursday, January 19

My little hipsters.

Seth might be the coolest kid I know.

This was a picture I took of Seth today after school, I got those glasses at the theater when I went and saw a 3D movie. I took out the lenses and he has been wearing them since. An hour later after he asked for his hair cut, he looked like this.

Not too bad a job if I do say so myself. Nora joined in the glasses fun too.

I love my kids.


I am grateful for how happy my children are, and how happy they make me.

I am grateful for the perspective I get when I am grateful for things.

I am grateful for high heels.


Wednesday, January 18

Happy Hump Day!

I am half way through my week of morning shows and I have learned so much I could write a small book. It has been wonderful and awful and cold and fun all wrapped up together.

I used to have crazy hours when I worked in EMS. I used to be able to stay up for days on end working and not feel too dreadful. Once upon a time I would leap (no joke) out of bed when the alarm clock/pager/radio went off informing me there was an emergency to respond to. But that was also 13 years-4 kids-30 pounds and 2 days ago. I know this kind of change and routine is something you train your body to do. So I know it will keep getting easier the longer I do it. Every day when the alarm goes off at 3am, that is what I tell myself.

Today during the show Chris surprised me with news we would be interviewing Isaac Slade, lead singer of The Fray. I LOVE THE FRAY!!! My favorite song is "You found me".

But the reason for the interview was because of there new album and the first single called Heartbeat.

That was exciting enough, but then Chris tells me that he is going to let me be in charge and lead the interview. I was so excited. I prepared for almost 2 hours practicing what I would say and got questions ready. Chris and I role played and I pretended Chris was Isaac and asked him my questions. Chris is really great about teaching me as much as he can and explaining things in a way I can understand. But sadly when the time came for the interview, I choked and little and got really nervous. Like the true professional Chris is, when I snapped my fingers (which was our signal if I needed help) he leaped to his head set and turned on his mic and saved me. When Chris got back on and started to talk I instantly felt more at ease, able to relax and be myself. I am lucky to have such a great partner.

In the end I was Joelle again, and it felt great. I was laughing, joking and having fun.


I am grateful for all the help I have been getting this week with the kids.

I am grateful for the wonderful dinner Sam made. 

I am grateful for bedtime. I am so tired. 

Tuesday, January 17

It Takes a Village

I am a working mom now. I never thought I would ever see the end of being a stay-at-home mom. The never-ending diapers, sleepless nights, burping and feeding babies every hour. Honestly, I only dreamed of wearing clothes that were not covered in spit-up. 
I get dressed most mornings in nice clothes rather than just sweats. I have to be at a certain place at a certain time, I have co-workers, and I GET A PAY CHEQUE! It's great! Wearing make-up every day, combing my hair, and actually feeling pretty again were things my friends and I talked about as if they were impossible fairy tales. But here I am.

But while I was driving home after the morning show, I was suddenly and mysteriously awash with guilt. It vanished as quickly as it came and I don't really know what caused it. 

I was thinking about Nora and, all of a sudden, I felt a small twinge of guilt about her being at my friend's house today. Until recently, I have been a full-time stay-at-home mom. I felt that was best while our family was young. For years, I have prided myself on being a homemaker and, shamefully, I will admit that I have judged other women as lesser for not doing the same. 

I will even admit that once, while driving home and passing the local daycare, my children asked if they could go to daycare because they wanted to play in the brightly coloured and fun-looking playground. I am actually sad now that they could not go. When they asked why they couldn't, I answered, "Because mommies who don't love their children as much take them to places like that."

To this day, that is the single most horrible and appalling thing that has ever come from my lips, and I apologize publicly to all of my dear sisters for this. I am truly and deeply sorry for what I said to my children that day. It was wrong, very very wrong.

What of this guilt I felt today about working? Some will anxiously jump in and say, "You feel guilt about working because it's more important and better to stay home." Some would even go as far to say it's "wrong" to work out of the home. And those opinions are exactly why I am writing this. Because I have been on both sides of this fence, I now want to share my newfound perspective. 

Since I started working at the radio station, I have felt guilt a few times here and there about poor Nora being dropped off at a friend's house for a few hours while I go to a staff meeting, or attend a training day with Chris. I have felt guilt here and there when my laundry is piled on the floor downstairs or when my bathroom is not super clean. I have also felt guilt about working when my kids and I are eating KD. Working moms feel guilt.

But here's the thing: When I was a stay-at-home mom, I would feel guilt about going out of the house to see a movie with my girlfriends. I would feel guilt about spending money on a new shirt even when I really needed one. I would feel guilt about being away from "my job" when I would go to the gym to work out. I even remember feeling guilt about going out for dinner with girlfriends so we would only order the least expensive appy. It was ridiculousness-- complete and utter ridiculousness. 

Women will feel guilt no matter what we do. It's culturally ingrained. It's like we will sniff out guilt and make it ours even when there is no logical reason to feel it. And there is no logical reason for it. Mothering is hard and however we can do it well, whatever it takes for us to do that, that's the best way. 

My children are very lucky kids. Especially Nora. Not only does she have a mother who adores her and loves to teach her things, she has my sweet neighbour Keira who, at the drop of a hat, takes Nora and loves her unconditionally. She has my friend Melanie, who is probably the least selfish woman I know, to care for her some days. Nora also has my friend Charity who plays and dotes upon her. Charity might very well be the kindest women I know. Then, if that was not enough, Nora has Sam who cares for her and loves her like her own. It's almost like she is Nora's second mommy. And of course, Grandma Diane, who loves so perfectly that everyone feels special when around her. 

I am so grateful for this group of women who are helping me raise this little girl and who love both Nora and I. I now understand the old adage, "It takes a village."

I have been on both sides of this mothering fence, and neither are easy, but they can both be so very wonderful. 


I am grateful for my village of strong women. I was raised by one, I am one, I have one, and I am surrounded by them. 

I am grateful for caffeine. 

I am grateful for sleep. 

Monday, January 16

Mamma Needs a Nap.

3am is a horrific hour of the day. Even worse when there is snow everywhere and it is -27.
But this 3 am was an exciting one for me. I got to fill in for Crash and Mars with Chris and it was great!
Getting up at that hour after very little sleep (I saw almost every hour last night) was not easy, and I found myself very nervous and not my normal chatty self on air but Chris is a great teacher and helped talk me out of my nerves. I hope tomorrow goes better.

I'll start with more sleep.

When I got home from the shift I struggled on the drive home, and fell asleep right away. It's going to take a few days to get used to the hours a morning show person has. ugh...

Its 6 pm right now and I could lay down on the ground right now and go to sleep.


I am grateful for Chris and for how much he has taught me. You are a good friend to me. Thank you.

I am grateful for the pizza that was brought over today to celebrate my big day, thanks Jenny, even though I don't think I did great its so nice to have such loving friends who are cheering me on. Also, thank you to everyone for the emails and messages of encouragement! You are so kind and I am a lucky girl!!!!

I am grateful for my truck starter.


Sunday, January 15

My First Day Doing The Morning Show!

Monday January 16th has been a day I have been excited about and dreading for the last two weeks. Chris and I get to cover the morning show for Crash and Mars this week starting on the 16th while they take some much deserved time off.

I am so full of every emotion I can hardly stand it! Me, Joelle, is doing the morning show at NOW radio. I am covering for CRASH AND MARS!!!! The Crash and Mars that, not too long ago, were these two distant voices I listened to every morning to get through the 2 hours I spent every day driving Seth to school in Edmonton. The same Crash and Mars who gave me $100 for my birthday 2 years ago when I called in with a funny story. The same Crash and Mars who are now my co workers and my friends.

Wish me luck!

Today for music Monday I have a few picks from different places, like always.

The song I got from Starbucks this week is brilliant!

Slightly teeny bopper but it's good.

I always liked The Fray, and this new one does not disappoint!

last, another one from Foster the People.


 I am grateful for the snow. Crazy as it sounds, I like the white stuff, and I am happy it's here.

I am grateful for this opportunity, nervous as hell I am I am, so on go the big girl panties. On and pulled snug! I can do this!!!

I am grateful for happiness.

And before I forget! I would like to wish my dear friend Angelo Bortone (aka Sam's dad) a special Happy birthday! 
I arranged for there to be sun in Italy for your special day:) 
Buon compleanno mio caro amico. Non desidero altro che felicit√† e amore per te questa visita year.Comepresto.
Tutti i migliori, ti amo! xx

Friday, January 13

I Found A Lotus, What Did You Find?

I spy with my little eye something that is fantastical blue....

I was looking at a chair on Kijiji for my living room and this was in the guys garage. HOLY CRAP! I think the guy got a kick out of the fact I was more interested in the lotus then the recliner.

I can't wait for radio day tomorrow. Its still my most favorite day of the week.


I am grateful for dinners with friends.

I am grateful for the mild weather that has held up.

I am grateful for all the help I am getting from my friends for next week. (Chris and I are doing the morning show for Crash and Mars while they are on vacation)


Thursday, January 12

Your pass word please

While waiting for my air check yesterday Nora, who had to come with me to the station because I was unable to drop her off at my friend Charity's house because my furnace broke....unbelievably long story.....anyway.
While waiting for my air check Nora was drawing a picture for me to leave on my desk. She finished drawing the picture and asked how to spell my name. then after I told her how to do that, she says, looking rather vexed, and what is your password.

OOh my do we ever live in a technology dominated world.


I am grateful for Brent. The glass guy who fixed the two huge rock chips I got on the white mud this week.

I am grateful for Sam, who helped organize my bills today. Thank you!

I am grateful for bed time!!


Sunday, January 8

Music Monday And A Name Change

Tonight at dinner Seth says to me,"mom, can you can you change my name?"
I asked him , what do you want me to change it to?
He answers rather quickly (obviously having given this a lot of thought before asking me) to Spy Seth.
"Why? Why do you want to be called that?"
"Because it's way cooler then just Seth."

Ethan pipes up from the living room, "can you rename me too?"
What the heck do you want to be called?
Ethan says ,"Derek, I want to be called Derek because it means King. Ethan just means strong, but King is way better."

My children are nuts, and I love it!

Today for music Monday I have a few, so get comfortable.

A friend of mine on twitter sent me this one, and it's brilliant!

Okay, seriously, how great is this one?!!!

And of course, my new favorite Adele. I just love this woman!


I am grateful for music, and for everything it does for me. How it fixes things and makes them a little bit  better. 

I am grateful for paint, and its power to refresh and uplift.

I am grateful for my new go cup. It ROCKS!!! and kept things warm for hours today at the station!


Friday, January 6

Cool Things I Found This Week.

Another week down, and it has been a good one. I have had the entire week off, the kids have been with Drew which has allowed me to sleep in, clean and organize and do things I really enjoy doing and don't get to most weeks. Throughout this week I found a few things that were completely amazing that I wanted to put on my blog and share with everyone.

First. The new bra I bought. I got a GC given to me by a dear friend right before Christmas to a ladies store so I could buy a new bra. I put on some weight in London that I still have not shaken and was in need of a new one. She is a doll and wanted to do something sweet knowing if she gave me cash, I would do the "mom thing" and spend it in a more practical way.
Thank you Jen, I really appreciate it. I would post a picture of it so everyone could appreciate its beauty and the fantastic detail, but because I try to keep my blog at least PG I won't be posting it, but I assure you it is stunning, and I feel like a sexy queen in it! Its a great bra, and the girls are happy.

Second. Earlier in the week I was at a friends parents house and I saw this.

It is quite possibly the most incredible dishwasher system I have ever seen. There are two here so you can wash double the dishes. AMAZING!!

Third. Tasha sent me this coat hanger.

Honestly, if you can get past the slightly phallic undertones, I think it is really cool and would look great in my front entrance.

Fourth. A 1983 DMC-12.

I helped move this car for a guy (yes I actually helped push it I did not just stand there and watch. I couldn't help but smile, I kept waiting for Doc to come around the corner. It was super cool!

Fifth and last of my cool things to show, I found these hangers.

They are half a tea pot and half a tea cup made into something to hang stuff from . I LOVE them! Man, people are so cleaver and creative. How cool would these look on your wall with a tea towel hanging off of it?

I love getting to spend time alone, it's good for me to recharge my batteries, think about things, catch up on emails, meet new people and laugh. It has been a wonderful week.


I am grateful for my new bra. Man its nice to have a great bra, makes you look 10 pounds lighter and the girls look way better!

I am grateful for my painted bedroom.  I love it, Thank you pleb!

I am grateful for radio day tomorrow. I love radio days!


Thursday, January 5

Devil Peanuts!!!

Tonight my neighbor came over for dinner. I normally love it when she brings over little treats to add to dinner. It makes it exciting to see what she will bring and I always like trying new things.

Well, tonight she brought over Hubs Virginia Peanuts. Supposedly the best peanuts in the world. Along with the peanuts she brought over these little Hubs peanut butter squares. They were delicious but they were labeled incorrectly, they should have been called THE DEVIL peanuts.  

After trying them, my face started to feel funny and warm and my eyes and face were tight and swollen. I went up to the bathroom to take a look at myself and sure enough, my skin was blotchy and swelling with red patches all over. 

Stupid Damn nuts!

I did not even know I was allergic, actually, I know I am not, up until now I wasn't. That's why I have renamed them! So now I am on Benadryl and feeling really sleepy. 

On a completely unrelated note to facial swelling, horrible skin, anaphylaxis and near death, this morning with Crash and Mars was wonderful. They are so amazing at the jobs they do. I loved watching them. The two of them work at such a lightening pace it was mind blowing. 
I enjoyed asking questions and seeing their style of show. It is bloody brilliant! No wonder they are where they are. 


I am grateful for Benadryl. 

I am grateful for The constant help I am getting from others. 

I am grateful for humble pie. I believe its good to eat more often then not. 




Wednesday, January 4

An Early Night

Tonight is an early night for me, the reason I have to have an early night is because tomorrow I have to be at the station bright and early. Tomorrow I am going to the radio station to watch how Crash and Mars do the morning show.
The reason I am going to watch how Crash and Mars do the morning show is because in a week Chris and I will be covering for them while they are away on vacation. Chris is a seasoned pro at all this but I am nervous as hell about the whole thing. I really don't want to make a fool of myself so I want to be as prepared as possible. So I am going to go watch how they do it all and take note, yes I am actually going to take notes. They might just be mental so as not to really embarrass myself, but regardless notes will be taken.

I am really looking forward to more growth and the continual learning opportunities I am having with the radio station.  I am really happy there.


I am grateful for the letter and gift I found in my mail box today. Thank you for thinking of me and the kids you sweet lady.

I am grateful for feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I love moments like this where I get to see more of what I am capable of.

I am grateful for the unexpected e-mail I got today. It warmed my heart. Thank you. 

I am grateful for a clean house and a nice dinner.


Tuesday, January 3

Another Bucket list Item scratched off...POW!

This morning I was invited to go out to my friends Garth and Deb's house to learn to make Dutch sugar bread. I was a good way to spend the morning. I wanted to learn how to make it for a few reasons. The first reason is it is, without question the most delicious bread I have ever eaten. I asked Garth once for the instructions and recipe but he said he swore to the man that gave it to him he would never share it with anyone. So unless I steal it in the dark of night or He will's it to me I will never get my hands on this stuff. 

The second reason I wanted to go out and learn to make this bread was for my children. This time of year I become the most lazy school lunch maker. At the beginning of the year I am great, the children have healthy snacks with a variety of choice, by December they get a sandwich that, if they are lucky has peanut butter spread on half of the bread. maybe they will have a cheese string, and possibly a yogurt tube. On really bad days I just open the cupboard and grab three or four random things I see. One time (for my own personal amusement) I closed my eyes and just grabbed a few things and shoved them into lunch bags. A can of soup, panko crumbs and vanilla extract seem exciting and interesting to try.
 So now after a bit of a rest from the craziness of every day, I will recommit to trying harder to pack them food they will enjoy and is nutritious.

The sugar bread dough in all its glory!
Its so beautiful and perfect in its little pans.

Also today, while we were waiting for the bread to bake Garth taught me how to sharpen knives using those sticks. Such a great day!I absolutely love when a normal day turns out to be one where I accomplish a life dream! 

Another tick off the Bucket list! Learn how to sharpen kitchen knives with one of those stick things POW!


I am grateful for the bags of sidewalk salt I found at Walmart that only cost me $4 a bag VS the stuff I found last week for $15.

I am grateful for Canadian Tire let me exchange my broken vacuum today for one that works!!! 

I am grateful for dear friends who do nice and thoughtful things to help me out when I really need it!

I am grateful for laughter. 


Monday, January 2

Today I am Grateful

This morning started so simple. I woke up extra early and spent about an hour re reading my blogs from the begining. I read some that I had completely forgotten about. I laughed at myself while I read some of my earlier stories and looked at pictures.

It was a fantastic way to start my day. It filled up my bucket. I enjoy finding new things that make me feel so good. Man I have come a long way with this blog of mine. It has been such a good thing for me.


I am grateful for sensational breakfast potatoes.

I am grateful for comfortable shoes.

I am grateful for water.


Sunday, January 1

First Music Monday of 2012, and it's a gooder.

The perfect way to start off this new year is of course with music.

I was given a CD of great music this Christmas and I wanted to share some of it with everyone.

 This one is from Starbucks this week.

Lastly for this Monday I wanted to show you something I fell in love with the second I watched. It's a rather unorthodox spin on a cooking show by two guys in BC. It's hilarious. *BUT BE WARNED: IT CONTAINS LANGUAGE THAT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR SOME VIEWERS!!!* Enjoy!


I am grateful for my reestablished commitment to Gillian Michaels.

I am grateful for sidewalk salt and grit. Maybe my neighbour Keira wont fall anymore while she comes over to visit.

I am grateful for clean sheets and soft pillows.