Tuesday, November 29

When All I Can Do Is Laugh.

It is almost midnight right now and I am exhausted! Truly to the bone I am knackered.  I have had such a horrible day that all I can do right now is sit on the computer chair and laugh. I am listening to music, writing this and laughing. 

I am laughing so hard I am scaring myself. I can not see the screen very well and I think I just spit a little. 

On top of the sick children I have littered all over this house of mine, tonight I was putting the children to bed and I heard a funny noise downstairs, so of course I went to check it out. 

This was the proverbial icing I found to top my cake of a day.

I'll explain what this is to the untrained eye. This is my blown hot water tank that flooded a room in my basement. So tomorrow I am getting a new hot water tank....MERRY CHRISTMAS ME!!!!

Ooh you shouldn't have, how did you know it's exactly what I wanted? :) 

I am laughing again...honestly, I even just snorted! 


I am grateful for hard times, and hard things. I enjoy the pressure of difficulty, it reminds me how strong I am and how I can do anything. 

I am grateful for Sam bringing me stuff for my soup tonight. Thanks Lady! 

I am grateful for music and how it calms me.