Thursday, November 10

I Promise To Never Forget!

I promise to teach my children that you gave so much. And they will remember too.
Thank you for allowing me the freedoms to be such a fortunate woman in this world. I am allowed so much because of what you gave. My daughter will one day thank you too, and she will mean it because I will tech her that others are not so lucky.
My Granddaughters will thank you too. I promise to make sure of it.

Thank you.


Doing things alone

So, I am alone most of the time now. Once the children go to bed, I only have myself to talk with and quite frankly I am boring as Hell. 

I was funny at first, but the jokes are lame after you hear them three or four times. Honestly, get some new material. 

Movies are what keeps me sane at night. I see why people leave the T.V. on all day for their dogs. 

I try to read but get bored of that too. So I just shred the books to pieces. 

I am an idiot:)


I am grateful for the wonderful people at work who are making me feel so welcome at the station. Sigh...I absolutely love it there. 

I am grateful tonight was opening night for the CFR!!! Man I love Rodeo. 

I am grateful for learning to be happy, content and at peace with being alone.