Saturday, October 22

Day 3 Leah and Jet Lag

I am in London tonight, staying in a hotel with my friend Leah who came to London (from Edmonton) to hang out while I am here. We had a very busy day looking at the tower of London, eating at Pubs and shopping.

I am really tired and need to sleep.
Jet lag only hits when I sit down and stop moving. I am really feeling it today.

Tonight Leah and I did the Tower of London tour (during the day) and the Jack the Ripper tour(at night). It was FREEZING outside and rather disturbing. We walked around the streets of London listening to how a crazy man murdered women, and left their bodies gutted on the streets. It was a feel good type of evening. It was a nice tone to set for Leah and I having to walk around ( a little lost) trying to find the underground tube so we could get back to our hotel.

I will blog more tomorrow.

Having a wonderful time.



I am grateful for warm showers after a long cold night walk learning about serial killers.

I am grateful for British comedy shows.

I am grateful for pretty London hotel rooms.