Tuesday, September 27

Some days are better than others.

I love this new "chapter" in life. It's so exciting to see what I will be feeling in the next 60 minutes I can't help but feel like the emotional equivalent of the Alberta weather patterns.
"Just wait 5 minutes and it will change"

Some days I am calm and happy, then in the blink of a phone conversation, or text message furiously angry in the tripod position heaving breath and ready to fight.

It's so exciting! I do have a few constants in my life and for them I am grateful. My one supportive bra, good and caring friends, and my never failing one phone call away from a belly laugh friend.

Life is still good.

My other constant is the radio. Every Saturday and Sunday I walk through the doors and literally leave my pile of emotional baggage on the step. It sadly does not ever go play in traffic and get hit by a truck, but at least for 8 hours a day I am free of stress and worry. In that tiny control room it's just me, Chris, 2 mics and a lot of laughs. Sprinkle in the occasional song or two and it's a good time!

This past weekend Chris and I had a (few) special quests come in. Crazy how it happened. I received a text from a listener saying there was a accordion festival  happening in Edmonton, and both Chris and I perked right up and said "can you come down?"

Austin came don and played for us.

I even gave it a try, but that sucker is hard and you have to really yank on it to get it working...That's what she said!

Over all it was a good weekend. 

I also had two ladies come in with home made Lip Balm for me to try. 
You can find her at  www.kiss-this-lips.com (FYI) DO NOT FORGET THE DASHES!!!!! 
I think the lip balm was wonderful!!! 

I am grateful for the meal Annie brought my family tonight. Thank you my dear!

I am grateful for pretty colours, and soft pillows. 

I am grateful for music and for almost 8 hours of sleep last night!!!!!