Friday, September 16

The way I write my blog

Last night (an entire day) after posting my last blog post I re-read over what I had written, and to my horrified shock, I noticed all the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors I had put in (ironically enough) my public thank you to my English teachers. 
This comes as no surprise to me, this is kind of a running theme in my life. I love a good public humiliation like the next girl. Or to be more exact, I have come to expect them, nay, I embrace them. They keep me humble. 

It got me thinking I should try to redeem myself a bit and explain how I write in hopes to show I am not completely mentally incapable. 

When I write a blog post it is often very late at night, after the children go to bed. And for obvious reasons that can lead to oversights in editing. 
If by chance I get to write during the day (which is rare) I try to proof read a few times before bed. Except the other night, I wrote it and then fell asleep after a late night of visiting when a friend came over....hence my Blog post that could have been better written by my 9 year old...*shaking my head at myself*.

So thank you for understanding. I assure you there will be many many more oversights and embarrassing post to come for a variety of reasons. I was laughing so hard thinking about my English teachers reading it, probably thinking to themselves "Thank you Joelle for not saying where we work so people don't think this is the level of education we provide"


I am grateful for humor, and the ability I have to laugh at myself. 

I am grateful my truck is finished getting fixed today. I have missed it! 

I am grateful for the sounds of little girls laughing and playing upstairs. 

I am grateful for slow mornings. 

I am grateful tomorrow is Saturday...I love radio days!!!