Friday, September 9

A time in my life I wish I wasn't reliving

A couple of days ago the faucet in my bathroom broke.  This sadly is a regular occurrence in my house - the plumbing doesn't seem to be stellar in this old place (neither is the electricity for that matter).  But in this particular instance the other day my plumbing went.

We've replaced this faucet three times already but it still doesn't seem to last very long.  So now, I have to have a shower using pliers.  The other day while I was having a shower and reefing on the tap with pliers it dawned on me that one time in my life many moons ago when I worked as an EMT in Northern Alberta the station I worked at also had a shower that looked awfully similar to this one.

Eerie the similarities and I hate it just as much today as 13 years ago... does anyone know a good plumber?

Also on the topic of broken things, this is what I managed to do to my brand new RED vacuum today (that I just got a couple of months ago after I lit the other one on fire).

And if you look carefully you can see the smoke coming from the agitator.  I have got skills in many departments, clearing including the destruction of household necessities.


I am grateful for the ridiculously hot weather we got.

I am grateful that I got a little call from the radio station telling me the time I'm with Chris got extended an additional hour - so I'm on from 8am - 11am Saturdays and Sundays now!  Yea me!

I am grateful for my totally cool daughter who was spinning around the neighbourhood looking like this today.

I am so stinkin grateful I got a phone call from my clients that just had the baby, and I got to come over and hold "the Captain" while the new parents slept for a little bit.  I LOVE BEING A DOULA!