Tuesday, September 6

Long weekend Bliss!

This last long weekend of the summer was a good one. I was at the 102.3 NOW station again and it went well. I have such a great time there, Chris and I laughed an awful lot!
This was my second weekend and I can't get over the feeling I have when I am there. When I walk through the doors (to which I now posses my very own key fob) all of my personal strife and complications stay outside. They do not come in with me. I feel relaxed, and happy inside. It's a good place for me to be.

Chris makes it easy too. He is a really great teacher. This weekend he explained how the music gets programed for the station. That is actually a really really intense process. Every song is coded with about 5 or 6 different things and there has to be a nice balance of this type vs this type. Not too many of this level of song, and this percentage of Canadian music. Really cool stuff.

Handsome Chris doing his thing, getting ready for our show to start.

Sigh...I can't believe summer is over already.
(Shameless plug) The radio station is having a end of summer party and they will be giving tours of the station and you can meet all the hosts next weekend (Sept 10) starting around 10 or 11am. I'll be there. If anyone wants to come down it should be fun. There will be a dunk tank too, and I have agreed to go in it!


I am grateful for the nap I had this afternoon.

I am grateful  for clean sheets.

I am grateful for the weather today. It's so beautiful out tonight.


Cool thing I found today when I was out. A birthday book and it had a little something on each day. Eerie what mine said. It kind of creeps me out when things like this are so accurate.