Saturday, September 3

My idea of heaven

Today at the restaurant, Gerry (my boss) had his whole family come in to eat. His large, loud, camera slinging, prouder then punch Italian speaking family came in. It was a beautiful thing to watch. His parents were smiling so big, looking around at all the pictures of Italy Gerry has on the walls.
Both Melanie and I were a tad jealous that we did not have a huge Italian family like them!

They video taped for what seemed like a full hour before they got food. I loved being a part of it all. I watched as Gerry served his mother and Grandmother and spoke Italian to them. She asked if he was a good boss, and I am thrilled to say I did not even have to lie. Yes he is a great boss!

At one point Gerry asked me to cook some fresh pasta for everyone and my heart stopped. I beg your pardon? You want me to cook pasta for REAL Italians? You're joking right? Ya ya, as opposed to the fake ones I know.  But these people are fresh off the boat.
Thank heavens for English Sam!!!!!! English Sam is also half Italian and has done a mighty fine job teaching me a thing or two about how pasta should be cooked. So it was ok in the end, probably not as good as Sam would have done, but not horrible either!

I can not wait for my trip to Italy. I could have stayed for hours listening to them speak... that's what my heaven is going to be like. Good food and beautiful Italian words. To be honest it could be instructions for how to shave a sheep or how to wipe one's bum, but as long as it's in Italian I'll be a very happy girl!


I am grateful the week is over; it was a rough one but tomorrow is Saturday and I love going to the station!!!!

I am grateful for the extra room I now have on my phone for more music. I am working on a play list for my trip to London. Anyone find anything worth sharing? What are you listening to now? I need new stuff.

I am grateful I have hair and am not balding. Random thought, yes, but I am truly happy with my hair.