Sunday, August 28

My first day on air as a host!

I did not sleep great last night, obviously. I was WAY too excited to sleep. I was panicked I would miss my alarm so I kept watching the clock and before I knew it 6 am was on my little buzzing clock. I jumped out of bed and into the shower.
Got ready in record time and out the door I went. The morning was a beautiful one! And yes I pulled over to take this.

I arrived at the station around 7:30am and Chris and I visited and did some show prep a little before 8am.

Then it was time....

I think it went well. I was a little nervous, but the excitement was stronger! Taking calls and getting to talk to the 102.3 NOW family was really fun. Way better then pretending (when we were practicing).
I loved peoples take on the topics we were discussing. The NOW family is very funny and can be rather spicy.
My dad and Rhonda even called in!! They called in to the station to say "Hi" and told me how proud of me they were. It was a very nice surprise!

At the end of the show, Chris asked the listeners what they thought of me. He told them it was my first day and asked if I "passed or failed" And like every other topic, the listeners had lots to say. Here are a few of my favorite responses!

I even got a few hater texts, my favorite said: FAIL epic fail! Like the universe collapsing kind of epic fail.
I was also told, She fails, she talked over Chris. FAIL 

I was laughing so hard when I got those ones. Then they resent it another 4 times. So the message was loud and clear!

Other then those ones everyone else was really great and positive. And the best part was most of the positive ones were not from my friends, which was fantastic!

After I went home and made myself a celebration salad and had a nap!
I am really looking forward to tomorrow so I can do it all over again!


I am grateful for all the support I got from everyone. All the messages and well wishes. Thank you everyone! It meant a lot!

I am grateful Drew took the kids camping and they are having fun. I get to have this life experience alone and have lots of time to think everything over. I really appreciate time alone. And I'm glad the kids get one last camping trip in before school starts!

I am grateful for Chris and how great he is to me through all of this.

I am grateful for how good this feels. To actually accomplish something I have only ever dreamed such a great feeling! And I did it!