Monday, August 15

Drum roll please... introducing my other "GIG"

I got a job last week. It's kind of a fluke how it all happened; my friend Mel works for this little restaurant and one day they needed extra help... bada boom I got a phone call and an interview. 

It is a perfect gig for me. I only work a few times a week, for a few hours a day and it does not interfere with anything that goes on with the radio station. Plus I make tips... and I get to listen to Italian music all day and eat Italian meats and cheeses. Could it be any more perfect?
Ooh and did I mention I get a babysitter and get to pretend I am not the mom of 4 constantly screaming and fighting because they are bored (holy crap when does school start?) children... sigh. It's wonderful!

This week for music Monday I found a few cute songs I liked while watching the movie Juno. Man I love that show. The music was wonderful too.



I am grateful for how beautiful the weather was this weekend. 

I am grateful for the baseball game this weekend. It felt good to be back watching well built ball players, listening to drunk and rowdy fans scream at players eating stale popcorn while in the fresh air! I actually really loved it! 

I am grateful for ice cream and window fans.