Tuesday, July 5

My afternoon with a 9 year old

We are 4 days into summer vacation and I have to say I am really enjoying getting to spend the majority of my day with the kids, but I am really enjoying my very funny 9 year old Ethan. 

Ethan is learning how to be funny, and as most comics experience, sometimes his jokes are not funny, his timing is off, or he is just down right rude. All signs that he is well on his way to a poorly paying career as a humor specialist. I think he is just in the stage where he is learning what is funny and what is not. This stage can pass quickly because I am not sure my self esteem can handle this for much longer.

I like to think (actually I know) his sas and sarcasm is from my  genetic offering, but I have always just been funny. I am NEVER rude... okay, ya, I know that one is total crap. Its all me and this is what others might call Karma.

Here are a few zingers from the last few days. 

Me- walking down stairs from getting dressed up..
E- Mom, what are you wearing?
Me-A top and shorts, why? what's wrong?
E-I don't mean to be rude but that looks horrible and I would not be caught dead in that or with you wearing that. 
Me-ouch! You know, most people think I am rather well dressed.
E-Are they blind?

E-Mom, when I go back to school in the fall I want to get a pair of skinny jeans and a purple hoodie like Justin Bieber. 
Me-why? you look cool the way you dress now. 
E-Mom, I don't mean to be rude, but you are not someone I would take fashion advice from. 
Me-(again)  I know fashion Ethan, I might be older then you, but I know what looks good. 
E-Might be?

I love that my 9 year old is able to spar verbally. 
If you can even believe it, I rather enjoy this. 


I am grateful my washing machine is now working. Thanks D.

I am grateful for bedtime.

I am grateful for Kleenex with lotion.