Monday, July 4

My deepest apologies to Canadian music!

For Canada Day I posted a few songs by Canadian artists and holy did I receive a thrashing for some of my choices. In my defense I wanted to pick songs I don't normally post. Since then I have had a few e-mails filled with wonderful  music from Canadian artists that the senders love. My friend Amy sent loads for example.

So for this music Monday I am going to share all the songs that were sent to me, and I would like to add here my apologies to all of you for not posting a better representation of what we (The True North ) have to offer musically.

I was going to post my children playing their armpits (farting) but I felt that level of talent is better left under wraps for now.

Our Lady Peace-Innocent

Apparitions- Matthew Good Band

Big Sugar-Diggin A Hole

Arcade Fire-Rebellion 

Maestro Fresh Wes-Let your backbone slide

Hannah Georgas -The Beat Stuff


I am grateful for my friends Natasha and Keira who came over and helped me clean my very disorganized house, feed and cared for my children, post things on kijiji to sell, and made me dinner. Ladies, thank you! My eyes are filled with tears of gratitude for the love you showed me today. 

I am grateful that Drew, while trying to fix my broken washing machine, hoisted up my washer and used a bottle of bleach to keep it there....did not factor in the washer is a bajillion pounds and because of this fact crushed the bottle of bleach spilling its contents all over the floor of my laundry room. 
So what am i grateful for you ask, well I am grateful the bleach did not get all over ALL of my laundry (ie lulu pants, shirts, kids clothes, jeans, socks....) only all over MOST of my clothes! 

I am grateful I got to drive the riding lawnmower Saturday out at the Brits place, I love that job! Listen to music and not think about anything. The only part that sucked was this is how my leg looked after. 

I am grateful for the beautiful land we live in!
This is where I spent Canada day!

I actually helped build this fence! True story.

Have a great week!