Monday, June 20

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to bury a cat I go!

This weekend I buried a dead baby cat. I did other things this weekend, but this one thing I have chosen to talk about on this music Monday.
The mommy cat had 4 babies, and two died. I have no idea what happened to the one baby that passed, but when I was there, I decided I was going to take the other out back, with a shovel and put it somewhere nice.

I felt like it was the least I could do. The way I figure it, is if I happened to not wake up one morning, and my friends noticed I was cold and as stiff as a board, I would want them to do something with me. I would be okay with them calling in enforcement to help (I don't think they would be good with just a shovel and the back 40, but as long as they did SOMETHING right?)

So I hiked up my jeans and me, a shovel, the cat and a pair of croc's went hiking through some soaking wet land to find a good resting place for one of Gods creatures. I walked a fair distance considering how wet and muddy it was and when I found a nice little clearing among a few trees, I set everything down lovingly and began to dig.
When I finished the hole I realized I did not bring anything nice to wrap it in. Like a cloth, or box. The only thing I had on me that I could offer this poor little thing was my favorite pair of argyle socks.
I squatted down, took off my wonderfully plush and warm socks, wrapped this little thing in them and placed it in the ground. I covered it up and made sure it was well hidden.
As I walked back to the house my feet were freezing and wet, but my heart was warm.

With that, I have picked a few songs that a friend of mine shared with me the other night. Her and I were on the phone late listening to music on YouTube, and like always I want to share them with others.

Just Jack -The Day I Died

The Weepies- World Spins Madly On

Lily Allen-Smile

Seabear- I Sing I Swim


I am grateful for this beautiful week of possibilities ahead of me. 

I am grateful one more week left until I no longer have to drive 4 hours a day for Seth to go to school!!!!

I am grateful for bed time.