Thursday, June 16

My worst kiss

It is very late at night, I am exhausted from my very busy day and I am now trying to figure out what I can write about and the idea of sharing my worst kiss popped into my head. Normally I would not share something so personal...ooh wait yes I would. Personal and embarrassing actually. 

The reason it was so horrible was not how he kissed me, where he kissed me. The reason this kiss made number one on my top 5 worst kisses of all time (and yes I do have a top 5 list) was because during the kiss, he burped, in my mouth. 

Ya, go ahead laugh all you want! It was so gross. The worst part (like having him belch was not bad enough) was the fact that he didn't even say anything about and just kept on kissing. 
When I pulled away I was so grossed out, and he was like "what?" He had no idea what was going on. 

Even thinking about it now makes me giggle a little. 

Funny memories. 

So tell me about your worst kiss! I could really use the laugh.


I am grateful for catching up with old friends. 

I am grateful for new music, I need it right now. . 

I am grateful for Nora, she wrapped herself up in a blanket this afternoon and rolled around hitting cupboards.

I am Grateful for how funny my children are, when I am home alone and have no one to laugh with, they keep me giggling.