Tuesday, June 14

Diarrhea, just the way I like it.

My day was far from a great one. It started off horrible, and then continued on a steady and rapid decline for the remainder of the day. 

The only highlight was going to be the walk that the kids and I were going to go on after diner with Sam and her kids. Like always I arrived a little early to the previously discussed meeting place which was a park half way between her and my place. I was laying on the grass watching the clouds (which were beautiful by the way) when I can hear Nora crying and Ethan yelling. 
Honestly I was not really concerned, I was relaxing, but could not ignore it longer when I heard Ethan say,"Gross, what is that?"

I sat up to see Nora walking bull legged and crying. Ooh great, she peed.....I wish!

The closer she got to me I could see this greenish/brownish substance running down her leg. It was awful. 
GREAT! I am in the middle of a field, 15 minutes away from home, and I have nothing but an outhouse to clean her up in!!! GREAT!!!!

The poor little creature is crying pretty hard now, so I throw away her shorts and undies, do my best to clean her up, and as I quickly scan the baseball field something blue catches my eye. 
I run over and find a sweater someone left on the bleachers, too bad, I need it. SO I swipe the sweater and wrap Nora up in it, meanwhile it begins to pour. I mean... IT'S COMING DOWN AND I'M LOOKING FOR THE ARK! 

My hair is drenched, the children are soaked too, and poor half naked Nora is doing her best to run to the truck holding the sweater around her bottom end that her clepto mom got for her. 

We all arrive in the truck, soaked and cold. So much for our walk tonight! Honestly, things like this seem to happen to me a lot.
I'm done with this day...is it bed time yet?



I am grateful there are only 2 weeks left of school. I'm really looking forward to summer break!

I am grateful for time to think about life, and the direction it is going now.

I am grateful for how amazing the clouds were tonight. Brilliant and deep. It was quite a show. I don't remember the last time I laid down and just watched the sky.