Thursday, June 9


What a day!

Where do I even begin?

So yesterday I received a call from the owner of NOW radio in Edmonton, I'm sure I have mentioned it here and there. Well, I was invited to come in and talk with the "Boss" about possibly being a radio co-host with one of their other guys.....

Yes you read that correctly!!!!! ME, A POSSIBLE CO-HOST, for my favorite radio station!!!!!

He told me that he read my blog, and likes it.

I met with the host I might get to work with, and I have been asked to come back in the morning to do a "mock show" and have it taped. Then have it "reviewed" then maybe come back on Monday, do another mock show and see what they think!


I really have no idea, or expectations about this. All I know is I have nothing to lose. This opportunity is a gift, and I just hope I don't mess it up, or pee my pants....not sure which one would be more embarrassing.

I will write more after my pretend show, and hopefully it will not involve urine.

I am still in shock, a tad stunned actually!

But my outfit was killer!

I can't wait to tell PG!!



I am so unbelievably grateful for this chance. No matter what comes of it, I am grateful beyond words for even being considered!

I am grateful the Britt's were ok after they hit a deer on their trip to Calgary. I received a text telling me about it while I was at the Matthew Barber concert tonight, and my heart just sank. LEARN TO DRIVE!

I am grateful I got to spend the afternoon with Drew.