Tuesday, May 24

Music Tuesday after the long weekend.... to spice things up!

What a great weekend. This Victoria Day long weekend was beautiful and for the most part warm. Here are the highlights from our camping trip with the Brits.

This is our trailer in the woods, it was such a beautiful spot.

My cooking area. 

The children had a great time, they got on their bikes at 9 am and only came back to eat. It was glorious!!!!

Sam and I getting food ready. 

Sadly this picture does not do our location justice, it was really beautiful. 

Injury number 1, bacon fat splatter burns on Sam's foot. OUCH!

Injury number 2. Gabe took a huge spill off his bike. 

Injury number 3, I cut my finger with a knife (a dirty from cutting raw chicken knife to boot).

Drew and Ethan going on a bike ride.

Everyone first thing in the morning just sitting in the sunshine.

Dean whittling a canoe.

Sam and Drew playing Fuzzy bunnies.

Sam loved the game so much she was sick!

We took everyone to Wabaman beach. What a great place; I got a great start to my summer tan.

What a wonderful day.

All in all it was a great weekend, until Monday morning when the rain began to pour. So we all jumped into the vehicles and headed home.... maybe not quite the die hards I first thought. 

But it was fun. 
And I think the Brits had a good time too?


For the music, I found some really great new songs. I think these are my new favorites. I am getting a little sick of my playlists right now.

This first one is a cover of the horribly obnoxious Rebecca Black song Friday. I love this version, and I think it actually sounds good, whereas the original is horrific!

Rebecca Black-Frinday

Gavin DeGraw-I Don't Want To Be

Caesars-Jerk It Out

Foster The People- Pumped Up Kicks


I am grateful school is almost over.

I am grateful there is rain in the forecast for Slave Lake this week. 

I am grateful Ethan made a new friend while we were camping. He is just like me when I was younger. 

I am grateful for the beautiful forests we have in Canada. We have the biggest and best back yard!