Saturday, May 21

Possibly the end of the lets talk about my boobs

My whole life I have always had a big chest. I have never wanted in that area; I come from a long line of women who have been blessed there.
For the majority of my married life I would dare say that my girls have been my identifyer. ...You know Joelle, the girl with the (hands extended gesturing to indicate a big area).

To refresh your memory scroll down to see picture...

For the last few years most conversations with men have been at my chest. No, not that we talk ABOUT my chest, just that men talk TO my chest. Almost too many times to count men would be telling me something and their eyes would wander south of my chin. If I know the guy well I would laugh and redirect. Sneeze or cough to get their attention. I have even just flat out said "hey, they don't answer, so wanna look up here?"

The point is I have never been lacking there.... until recently. 

3 years ago now I had a breast reduction and almost 10 pounds was taken off to ease my neck and back suffering. It was the greatest thing I have ever done for myself. I felt like a million dollars. I went from a 34 J, to a 32 F.  It was glorious!

Now after I have lost an additional 40 pounds I have lost even more in that area, and am currently dancing with a 34 D.  This is what has lead to me blogging about this subject, well actually this dress is what lead me to this blog post.

I found this beautiful dress at, where else, Anthropologie of course. I fell in love instantly. I have been looking for a dress to wear in London, and I felt this was a good one. 
I love the colours, shape and I love how it drapes. The back detail is fantastic. I have gone in a few times now to try it on, and I am falling more and more in love. So I took English Sam with me to see what she thought. I put it on, came out to show her and, like I knew she would, she agreed. She loves it! But she says to me "you will need a better bra for it, maybe a push up bra?"
WHAT?? I need a push up bra?
I know I have become smaller, but really? I have reached a place in my life where I need padding in the boob area??
I am flat??
This is a shocking revelation to me. 
So I took a picture of myself in the dress so I could ask for some other opinions. 
Drew was no surprise, he hates it. 
He likes dresses that do I say it?....more....hmmm.....slutty. 

So when Sam and I were driving to our camp site this weekend I asked her for an opinion and she said she would take a picture for me so I could see how bad it is.

This is how I know the world is actually going to end tomorrow, because Joelle is considered flat chested!

Yup, they're gone!



First I would like to say how grateful I am for everyone who has helped with the community of Slave Lake. My friend Jenny (AKA magic fingers) made quilts for families who lost everything. Fire Guy Alex is going up to help fight the fires. Alex, be safe, we love you and pray for a quick return. And to other ladies I go to church with who donated clothes. 

I am grateful for how wonderful the weather has been so far on our long weekend camping trip. 

I am grateful that I am able to sit here, in the sun, with no children around with my computer and write. I love camping!