Wednesday, April 6

Adieu New York; Oh how I love you.

To my dearest New York,

This morning when I woke up it was raining; I felt it was an appropriate setting for how I was feeling on my last day. As we walked to the NBC studios I was overcome a few times with washes of sadness. My eyes would fill with tears, and my throat would get tight and hurt. I choked back the tears a few times as I tried to take every last inch in.
New York thank you for everything! I had a wonderful time. You were a gracious hostess. You were everything I imagined you would be, and more.
Thank you for making my soul come alive again, even if only for a week.Thank you for allowing me to see so much, more then I could have hoped.  Thank you for allowing me to see myself differently, reminding me that I still have so much to do, and there is still so much living left. Thank you for the suggestion of spring, for flowers, and for sun.

Thank you for music, and for people, all kinds of people. Thank you for the shopping, and the food. Thank you for allowing me to dream big, but coming through even bigger; you really outdid yourself. My heart is full. I will think of you fondly, until I return again... one day.

New York, I love you.

Our lat day in NYC was a good one, a perfect ending actually.... so here it is. Day 7 in pictures.
This is the only day we started rather early (and by early I mean before  noon) We had booked a tour at the NBC studio and we had to be there by 11.

I was a little sad about it all being over.

My last visit to Starbucks, and they finally got my name right!

The day was wet and cold, and yet I still loved it!

Another movie set. Funny how quickly things become commonplace. I found myself  not even phased by this one.

When we arrived at 30 Rockefeller Plaza for our tour of NBC there was the best gift shop. It had tons of cool stuff from the shows I like. Here are the Office Bobble heads.

A Shrute Buck ornament.

Dwight t-shirts

A Dundee!

I was so excited for the tour because this is how I was going to get to see SNL... well the stage anyway. Sadly they don't allow pictures. But I can tell you it was wonderful. The Hallway to the stage has tons of pictures form memorable skits with all the different hosts. It was a dream come true. It was not very long, but worth the time.. (thats what she said)

Me waiting for the tour to begin, and I was bored.

Some SNL stuff. On the tour they had The Church ladies costume in a glass case. I laughed out loud. I love that skit. 

After the tour Drew and I were looking around the gift shop and some lady came up to us and asked if we would be interested in watching Jimmy Fallon do his monologue rehearsal; HELL YES!!! 

So we waited.... (these are the walls of the NBC building)

and waited....

and waited....

Finally we got to go in and watch, Jimmy Fallon is HILARIOUS!!!!!! Even though it was not SNL, it was cool to see something and Jimmy is an awesome second! Very funny man/writers.

We took the subway once, and that was plenty for me. I am good with walking everywhere now. I did not like it at all. 

When we were done, we ate and got back early to our room to pack. It is a complete miracle that everything fit!
I had a fantastic time and even though I enjoyed my time here in the Big Apple, I am ready to get home to my real life. I miss my family and friends... and 7 days alone with Drew is plenty for me! And I'm not a fool - I'm sure he is looking forward to getting away from me too :)


I am grateful for this magical time, NYC will forever have a special place in my heart.

I am grateful for every single experience I had.

I am grateful for this beautiful life. I am one lucky girl.