Wednesday, March 30

Empire State Of Mind!!!!

Today Is The Day!!!!
I can not believe I am doing this, I am actually going to the Big Apple, the city so nice they named it twice, home of fashion, music, food, sports, 9-11, Liberty, Power & Dreams....

This is the day one of my longest dreams comes true. I have no idea what this week is going to involve, but I am excited to find out. I can't believe the day has come. My heart is beating double time, and I feel like a child at Christmas, no not Christmas, because it feels better then Christmas. It feels Euphoric. 

I can't wait to tell you all about it as I go!


I am grateful for dreams, small and simple as they might be. They keep me going. 

I am grateful for In-Laws that are the best in the entire world!

I am grateful and overjoyed!


Funny Story before I go and finish packing: My sister in law Kelly leaves for China today too, so I called yesterday to say good bye and wish her luck. After it was my turn I gave the phone to each of the children to say goodbye. 
When Nora was on the phone I could her chatting away as she took the phone with her to her room. After a few minutes Nora gives me back the phone and Kelly is laughing hysterically. I asked what happened. 
She says she told Nora she was leaving.
Nora asked where?
Kelly says I am going to China.
Nora says back all excited, "I have a vagina too!"
She makes me giggle!