Tuesday, March 29

My kleptomaniac daughter

Today I got to watch 8 children.... not too sure what made me think it would be a good idea to take them to an indoor play place on the first day of spring break when the weather was horrible, which meant that there were 50 other children there, but I did.

It started out well. I got a discount on the admission because I brought so many children and everyone seemed to be playing well with each other.
About an hour in the chaos started.
Nora stole an ice cream, the owner brought her over to my table and showed me the chewed drum stick (still completely wrapped - she hadn't even unwrapped it) and asked me to watch her.
I felt horrible, "I am so sorry sir." I correct Nora and she assures me she won't do it again.
The boys are all off playing in the big gym area.
The little girls are playing in the small ball area; Nora leaves the play area to go over to where the boys are.
A few minutes later the owner returns with Nora and another chewed ice cream... ooh no.
Lady, your daughter did it again. "I am so sorry."
I want to spank Nora, but it's socially unacceptable to spank now, so I scold with the very angry face.
The man is hardly impressed.

Then all the children return STARVING for lunch.
I order food, put it on the table and it is like a hurricane of fingers. It is gone so fast. They devour the food and run off to play more.
The girls stay with me and seem to be having a good time until one hurts herself, then the crying begins.
Then one of the boys returns asking for more food,
Shortly the owner returns for the third time with Nora in one hand and another chewed ice cream in the other.
Give me strength...
Then the injured girl has lost her socks and the manager returns again to tell me that socks are a mandatory thing and if they don't have socks they can't play. (I have already bought two pairs so far)
I have ZERO cash left for socks.
More boys return STARVING and wanting money for games.

Finally English Sam has returned from work and has arrived at the play place (it's her children that were with mine)!!!!
We start collecting the children up because I have to get to physio and Nora goes missing again. I am running around looking for her, and guess who comes up to me with her in a football hold...
Yup the owner! And he's looking mighty unimpressed.
"Lady" he says to me in a rather annoyed voice. "I have asked you a number of times now to keep socks on your children and for them to stop stealing ice cream, and if you are not going to respect the rules then you need to leave."
I assured him I meant no disrespect and I told him I am leaving right now. What I really wanted to do was drop kick Nora or make her stay and do child labour cleaning their kitchen for all the stolen ice cream.
Getting the children out of the building felt like herding cats.
My heart was pounding and I felt sick because he was so angry with my children.
Why does Nora have to be so hard??

Excellent thing that happened today - I left the play place without hitting anyone.

Not so excellent thing that happened today - When the owner kept coming over with my daughter and the chewed ice cream, the other moms that were all sitting together (and their friends) who only had one child each all still in baby buckets were all whispering and looking at me and my horrible children who were doing horrible things.  I'm sure I could hear them saying with a gasp, "My child would never do anything like that!"

It was so humbling.

Nora is so humbling.


I am grateful that the owner didn't call the police on my klepto daughter.  And I'm actually grateful Nora was so trying today - I've had some anxiety about leaving on my trip and with her being as precious as she was today I'm super excited to get out of here!

I am grateful for the visit with friends that I got to do today.

I am grateful physio guy was easy on me tonight so my back won't hurt too much for my trip.

I am grateful for my friend Renae who called tonight out of nowhere to check up on me.  It is always so good to talk to her.

I am grateful for the families that were able to play basketball tonight for family night and I'll have the whole world know I beat the Brit 10-3.

I am grateful that NY is almost here!