Friday, March 18

A little physio guy to end off the week

This is the last day of my anniversary week of  my rock climbing accident, and it makes perfect sense that it would end with physio guy.

Although it's been a year since my fall, it's not actually been a full year of physio; nonetheless I wanted to do a little something special for my friend physio guy who has been so instrumental in my recovery. What I wanted to do was get a jersey signed by all the Oilers for him (which I am still working on) but until that happens, this will have to do.... (and who am I kidding - I'm sure he'll appreciate this way more than a signed Oilers jersey):

Dear Physio guy,

I remember the very first day I came to see you at physio; I was a mess. I am sure you had seen worse injuries, but I was more of a emotional mess than physical. You were very understanding and answered all my questions. I felt comfortable right away, and felt like I was in the right place.

Thank you for not wigging out on my second visit when I burst into tears because I was so disheartened about the idea of walking with a limp for the rest of my life and being on crutches for months. You were always so patient and encouraging and assured me I would not walk with a limp; I wouldn't look like the cousin from the Hunchback of Notre Dame either.

Physio guy, thank you for laughing with me....and laugh A LOT we have! You have a gift and an ability to make what is going on (which is often really painful and uncomfortable) bearable. Thank you for always being honest, never being patronizing by saying something stupid like how "it happens for a reason". Thank you for honesty and straightforwardness. Thank you for compassion when it is needed, and demanding hard work from me when I doubted I could give it. I guess you know what you are talking about... perhaps you should become a physiotherapist.

Thank you for listening when I needed to talk about my injury, and even though you are crazy busy when you are working, always giving one on one time to each of your clients. You have this insane ability to make me feel worse when I leave than when I arrive, but I always feel better a day or two later. You are magic!

Thank you for being honest about how it sometimes feels bad before it feels better. Physio guy, you are a good friend. Thank you for everything. I know you would say it's your job, but it's more than that to me; I could not have asked for a better caregiver during this whole thing, so thank you for doing your job so well. 

I could never express enough my gratitude for all you have done for me, so to try I will recommend you and your physio office to everyone I ever hear who needs care. And when I have filled you to beyond capacity, you might understand how grateful I am for what you have done for me, and what you have helped me achieve so far. 

Thank you for helping me get me back.. well the ankle and knee part so far.


As a treat for my anniversary PG agreed to do a little interview with me. He doesn't do interviews much anymore, so this is really special... here ya go! 

PG also agreed to do one more thing for me before my appointment was up...He said he thinks EVERYONE should do this for me!!! I agree, I think he might be on to something.


I spent the day baking my special blueberry lemon cake into cupcakes and topping them with cream cheese icing, so they were extra special. 
I went to physio a little earlier than normal and gave out cup cakes to everyone there. I walked up and down to all the little rooms, and told everyone it's been one year since my accident and asked if they would like a cupcake to celebrate the memory of that horrible day. Pretty much everyone took one; some even took two. There was a guy in traction with one, a guy running on the treadmill eating one, and a guy using the rower with one. It was funny watching all these people eating my stuff. It felt good when they all walked by and said the cupcakes were good. I am grateful my treats were appreciated.

I am grateful for the visit with my friend today!

I am grateful for the staff at Physio, they are an excellent bunch there.

I am grateful for a husband who works so hard, and cares so much. 

I am grateful for true friends.