Thursday, March 17

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!  I hope you are wearing green.  Here in our little town today, if you aren't wearing green you will get pinched.  It's a weird tradition - I have no idea how it relates to Saint Patrick's Day at all but the kids enjoy it.  The ones doing the pinching do anyway.

To celebrate the Irish Nora and I took a bag of potatoes down to the Now Radio studio to donate them to the food bank (because potatoes are Irish).  Every bag of potatoes gets you 30 entries into a draw to win U2 tickets (U2 is also Irish - see the connection?).

We are going to see U2 regardless; Nora just wanted to meet Crash and Mars - to explain - Crash and Mars are the morning hosts for Now Radio and we listen to Now Radio everyday when we drive Seth to school.  Nora loves Crash and Mars.  Today when we dropped off the potatoes she was very excited.

Nora refused to let me carry the potatoes - she wanted to give them to Mars (the girl host) herself.  When we got into the building we were greeted by the receptionist and she reached down to take the bag of potatoes from Nora and Nora turned away and said "These are for Mars and you are not Mars."  The receptionist was really sweet about it and said "hold on a sec and I'll go get her."  She walked into the booth and we could see Crash and Mars in there - she obviously told them that a little girl was here to give them potatoes and they came out.

When they came out they invited us in to the radio booth.

They introduced themselves and Nora gave Mars the potatoes (that's Crash's hand trying to shake Nora's - she was less interested in him).  

This is our picture of Crash, Mars and Nora.  Crazy thing was Mars remembered me from when she gave me $100 for my birthday and asked about the dishes I told her I was going to get.  I was a little starstruck - I couldn't help but smile and could feel my face get a little red.  It's like our own little hometown celebrities and she remembered me.

When it was all done they gave Nora a couple stickers and some candy and she was a very happy girl - "I saw Mars! I saw Mars!"  And then they put Nora on their twitter account.  They even put a twitpic up.
Here's hoping we win the U2 tickets.


I am grateful I had the opportunity to help that old man with directions even though it took me 30 minutes to do it.

I am grateful that the hosts of Now Radio were so gracious to Nora - she was very excited and it was so kind that they didn't snub her.

I am grateful that tomorrow is PHYSIO! I have lots of stuff planned for my one year anniversary!

I am grateful that life seems a little bit easier now (in some ways - the ways that really count anyway)