Wednesday, March 16

A Welcome Spring Teaser

Today was beautiful. The sun was bright and hot. I opened the windows and allowed the fresh air to come in. It was heaven! 

There is a noticeable decrease in the snow on my front yard. It has melted quite a bit. It is beginning to feel a little like spring....dare I hope?

Nora spent a large chunk of the afternoon laying in the sun on the ground in the living room eating her pear and saying "I love the sun".


I am grateful for honesty, love, trust and friendship. 

I am grateful for how honest and loving children are. I am grateful for their little personalities and how they view this world. 

I am grateful for the fantastic sunny day. It started off kind of scary with Zombie fog, but was brilliant before noon.

I am grateful that my friend is now in the wonderful care of physio guy. She twisted her ankle and is now (sadly) going through similar things I did. I am so thankful I could suggest a person who, I knew, would take very good care of my her.