Friday, March 11

Dinner with friends

Last Friday I had the opportunity to catch up with a few of my dearest friends from high school.  We went out for dinner while I was back in my home town. 

As with most things that involve me, food and talking... it was not a quick visit. We laughed and ate, looked at old pictures and laughed some more, for almost 5 hours. 

It is amazing to me how after 14 years (I am choking on my own breath typing that) these women have changed so much, yet are still the same. 

Jamie still has her gorgeous long dark hair that all women would die to have. She still throws her head back when she laughs and her smile is still so bright you can't help but smile too. Jamie has always been and still is such a driven woman. She is going for her masters in education now, not surprising given that her entire life she was surrounded by teachers. And not just any teachers, but her parents were brilliant educators, who were friends with brilliant educators. Jamie has two babies now, and just glows when she talks about them. 

Amy is still as breathtaking as ever. Quiet and pensive. Listens more then she talks and always looks like a million dollars. Amy has 3 babies now, and you would never know it. Amy laughs with her eyes and still covers her mouth when a deep laugh is coming. Amy is and always has been one of my safe people. She always keeps your secrets, and I never feel judged with her. Amy is so loving, and the most patient person I know. 

Karie still makes me laugh with her stories. I am very lucky I have full bladder control when she is around. My face hurt the rest of the night after laughing so hard. 
Karie is such a thoughtful woman, and so loving, humble, honest that I feel completely at ease with her.  She gives you her complete attention when you talk, and asks questions that let you know she genuinely is interested in what you are saying. Karie also has two babies and it warms my heart hearing her stories of them. She is such a great woman, and a fantastic mom.

Our conversation was easy; the topics were a bit different but each of our roles in the conversations were the same. Instead of sports tournaments and college and boys, we talked about babies, work and houses. It did not really matter what we talked about; it was just wonderful to be with them again. 

I hope Nora has the same privilege and fortune I did to have extraordinary women as friends to grow up with, learn from and experience life with. 
I hope all women have friends like these.  
While I listened to them share stories about their families, struggles, laughs, and dreams I felt a flood of gratitude for them. I felt grateful to be a woman, a mother, and a friend. 
I also felt a wash of joy for all of their children. Those babies are such lucky children. I am not sure exactly how things work in heaven, but I like to think we pick our mothers. Some are a little more lucky in this department then others, and some not so lucky at all....

But not these babies. The children of these women are among the luckiest. These children have chosen brilliantly. They are being raised by selfless, kind, giving, patient and lovely women who I am honored to know, and be counted among.
It did my heart well to see you again. 

Until May!
I love you ladies.



I can not even express in words how grateful I am for Seth's teachers. Drew and I had a very important meeting with his teachers today and I was blown away when I walked into the room, sat down and we began chatting about Seth. When it was the teachers turn to share about Seth she was smiling so big and was so proud and giddy to tell us he was reading. READING in kindergarten. (Now we knew he was doing this) that is not the amazing is amazing, but what was so touching was how excited Seth's teacher was to report to us the amazing things he is doing. It was like watching a first time parent telling others their child just took his first steps. I was touched she cares so much for him and that his accomplishments were that exciting for her. I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!! I LOVE HIS TEACHERS!!!

I am always grateful for teachers, but today even more! As I was walking to Ethan's class the other day I happened to pass the shelves that had all the winter boots just outside of the classroom door. 
When I was about 3 steps past the boots, a horrific wall of smell slammed me in the face. It was a funky, rotten, old, sweaty and possibly moldy smell. It made my eyes water and burned my nose. I gagged (honest truth!) and I am sure those poor darling ladies could smell it in their classrooms too.
I have 3 boys and I know stinky feet. But this boot room had 14 times as many stinky boots as my front entrance does. 
God Bless you teachers for putting up with that! There is no way I could handle that; I would have made the children leave the boots in plastic bags or Febreezed that boot room every 10 minutes.  Insert sound of me wretching here.

I am grateful for the old pictures the ladies brought to our dinner; I will post them tomorrow.