Tuesday, March 1

Pushing out babies is easy mom.

During dinner tonight Gabe asked Ethan "Who in our family is the smartest?"
"Easy," he replies, "Dad."

"Well," Gabe says, "who in our family is the strongest?"
Ethan thinks this over for a moment... "I think Uncle Dawson."

"WHAT??" I cough out?! "What makes him the strongest? I pushed out 4 babies, I am pretty strong you know."

Ethan says to me, very matter of factly.

"Pushing out babies is easy mom, I will probably push out like six."
I giggle now, not so annoyed anymore.
"Really, you are going to push out six?"
"Well where do you push the babies out from Ethan?"
He (very cheekily) says to me, "My bellybutton will do just fine, and if I get bored with that I will just burp them out."

I was trying really hard to keep a straight face through this whole thing.
I said, "Is that how I had all of you, out of my belly button?"
Ethan says "Yes, you can't be tricky mom, I was there remember?"

Honestly I am going to be devastated when they understand things better, like the birds and the bees.


I am grateful my oldest is 9 and does not understand the birds and the bees yet. I was a lot further ahead at his age, and I am really very thankful for his innocence.

I AM GRATEFUL IT IS MARCH!!!!! One month closer to summer!

I am grateful I have klepto's as friends. English Sam and Dean ate at Jamie Oliver's restaurant in London today (and texted me the entire time torturing me by describing the food). But as a souvenir for me they stole a menu and napkin. You guys are the best!! I can't wait for you to get home.

I am grateful Drew arrived in Calgary safe and sound even though it took him double the time to drive because the weather and roads were so bad.

I am grateful I get the entire bed to myself tonight!!! Mama's gonna sleep well!