Monday, February 14

Valentines day Music monday

I don't think there has been a Music Monday I have worked harder on than this one.
On this special day I searched for the perfect mix of songs about love; all aspects of it... the good and the bad.
I have listened to hours and hours of music to find the perfect collection.

After much deliberation and editing I am really happy with what I have. I decided all I would post today were songs that make me feel loved, happy, vulnerable and ... well... you know (wink wink). This collection is authentic and a very good representation of me.

I even threw in a great breakup song (if anyone needs one, or two).

So here is my music Monday for this February 14th!


Juno-All I Want Is You

Better together-Jack Johnson

Ingrid Michaelson- You and I

Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars

This one is perfect if anyone needs a song for a Valentines Burlesque gift tonight ladies.

Michael Buble-Feeling Good

Jason Marz-I'm Yours

Ingrid Michaelson- The Way I am

James Blunt -You're Beautiful

Robin Thicke- Im Lost Without You

For anyone in need of a breakup song, these two are my favorites!

the Script- Breakeven



I am grateful for my Valentine's gift. Drew got me fantastic seats to the Knicks game for when we go to NYC. I am thankful he knows me so well.

I am grateful colds do not last forever. I hate being sick.