Tuesday, February 8

Open mouth, insert foot

For the most part I believe that my ability and willingness to chat with anyone and everyone about anything is a blessing. I enjoy conversation and will strike them up at any time.  I pride myself on being able to make anyone feel comfortable, and crazy enough, most people respond to me in a positive way and welcome my chit-chatting.

I can be witty and I always have a response to any situation. I seldom (if ever) leave a situation regretting something said, or wishing I had said something different..... seldom.

There have been a few cases in my life where what came out of my mouth was so ridiculous and awful that I shutter and shake my head when I replay it in my head. This has happened a few times in my life, and thinking about any of them even after years, still makes me cringe.

Today was one of those days.

It is once again freezing here in Alberta Canada. So cold in fact I needed to wear my big winter jacket.  The moment I stepped outside I gasped it was so cold. Nora and I had to bundle up because we had to go have a meeting with the boys principal at the school to talk about Seth going there next year.
After our meeting Nora and I ran to the store to pick up odds and ends we need for lasagna tonight. Once we gathered our things, we went to the only open till which was the till near the front doors.  As I was unloading my things the doors would open and a nasty awful gush of freezing cold air would waft in. This happened a few times and I was thinking to myself, what a horrible and torturous work space for this poor lady. I though, if this were my job I would demand moving. I would demand they let me wear a jacket and gloves, and have constant hot chocolate served to me. I would want one of those space heaters for my feet. Of all the tills she could work at they put her here?

So as I look up to pay, another gust of freezing comes in and I shiver, assuming/ forgetting she has not participated in the on going conversation in my head that I have had for the last few minutes, she says to me, Is that everything?
I answer yes, thank you.
Then... here it comes....
I say, "Man your job would suck."
She looks up at me not impressed and a little offended.
Ooh, I mean with all the cold air coming in on you.... I mean location....I mean because you don't have a sweater....
She just glares at me.
I feel like crap, that is not at all what I meant.
I smile a little...."I'm sorry, that is not at all what I meant."
She says, its not that bad, she stands over there when it gets really cold (pointing to a different till)
I grab my things and smile back and leave.
Nice Joelle, really nice...man you can be an idiot.
Why do I have to talk to everyone?



I am grateful that woman at Safeway did not punch me. Really, really grateful!

I am grateful for my Tech-y husband. Man he brings home cool and weird things I really do not understand. But when he explains them they sound like they are off the Jetsons or James Bond.

I am grateful for the creative minds of our children. I love it when the kids do art projects. On Sunday Nora drew a portrait of  Drew,  I'd say she pretty much nailed it!

And this one is of our family.