Wednesday, February 2

Physio guy is sensitive like that

I went to Physio the other day. I still go every week, and yes I am sure you are getting tired of hearing about it, but I assure you not as tired as I am of having to go.
I am grateful I am noticing an improvement; it is slow but I will keep going because I actually feel better after IMS,. IMS is not pleasant, but made easier because I laugh. I laugh a lot when I am there.
And the scenery is not half bad either.

The last few times I have gone to physio, Physio guy and I have been bantering back and forth with louder and louder voices in an attempt to embarrass each other.  What he doesn't know/understand is how could I be MORE embarrassed than I already am when I'm laying there on a table, in plain view of the majority of people, with half of my butt hanging out while he adjusts my back, ultrasounds my hips and sticks needles in my back/hip/butt .  Honestly, how much more embarrassed could one get? And yet he tries.

The other day he tried to embarrass me when he asked me very loudly how my Dungeon and Dragon meetings were going, to which I replied good, but we all really missed him there. I did thank him for letting me use his warlord costume though.

Our bantering really started the second day I went to physio when he asked if it was OK that he did IMS on me, as he had just watched the instructional video on Youtube the night before. I always take his BS with a  grain of salt, but that first time my laugh had a hint of nervous in it. And he takes my crap pretty lightly too; like the other day when I hadn't been there in a while and walked in texting, he asked who I was texting. I told him that I was texting my lawyer regarding our lawsuit against PG's shady practices.

You see how we work.

So when I was there this week I thought it would be funny to text in to 102.3 NOW radio and request a song for PG. I wrote in and told the DJ I was at Physio (hoping that would increase the chances of getting my song picked) and said I wanted to hear Pop Goes the World by Men Without Hats. Then I added that my PG loves Madonna and sings along. I said he is a very sensitive guy and would probably cry if he heard "Evita" on the radio.

I waited in anticipation for over an hour, but alas they did not play it.

But I did get a good jab in when I was leaving physio. PG was working on a younger woman and as I passed by on my way out I turned and said, "ooh and don't worry about that Twilight book you wanted to borrow, I'll bring it next visit."

You should have seen his face! It was almost as shocked as mine was when he told me that Physio Guy Lenny was getting married in a month... sigh. And yeah, these two guys are my physiotherapists.

While on the drive home (still listening to the radio) they were talking about how cool it looked to throw boiling hot water into the air on really cold days like today (-36). The people who called in said they have been doing it using KFC gravy too.  So when I got home we decided to give it a try (with water, not gravy).

The kids loved it. I thought it was pretty cool too.  The next time I'm going to wear crappy clothes and put food colouring in the water. I think it will make the steam cloud really pretty.

I added the video for my music request here because they didn't play it on the radio, and I wanted to hear it too.

Pop goes The World-Men Without Hats



I am grateful this day is done. I am tired and for whatever reason was feeling a little down today.

I am grateful Drew came home tonight and did not stay over in Calgary.

I will pay that groundhog $100 if he says its almost spring! (Happy Groundhog day)