Monday, January 17

Music Monday and Happy Birthday JONES!!

It could not be more perfect that my dad Steve's birthday is on a music Monday. Because it was Steve that really taught Dawson and I to love all types of music and movies. I grew up with a vinyl record player and we listened to Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy Osbourn, The Big Chill, The Beatles and Rod Stewart..... he was a true connoisseur of good and classic music. I have had a crush on Silvester Stallone since I was little from watching Rambo thanks to Steve. 

Happy Birthday Steve-O! 

You are one cool guy. I love you! I love that you still play pool with your friends and that you can beat anyone in the world in a game of darts. I think you are such a cool grandpa, and you make me laugh all the time.  I love that you don't look a day older from the day I met you and still do your hair the same way you always have. I love that the humor and sarcasm you have spent years teaching me will, without fail, appear when you answer the phone, hear it's me, and say, "what do you want dog face?" I love that you play with my kids, and they know without fail that you will have lifesavers candy or gum for them. I love all the tunes we listened to growing up and I love that you are you. Happy Birthday you old fart! Man you are still as ugly as ever!

For this music Monday I really felt the need to roll up my sleeves and make it a good one. I am starting to lose my mind, I am feeling caged, and I really need to move.  So this week crank your volume and get dancing! I have another long MM, but well worth your time. It is my gift to you, who might also be on the verge of wall climbing soon. Hang in there! 

I love this song.  It's so catchy! 

Sweet Thing-Change of Season

Slightly obnoxious song... slightly overplayed I think. But still super catchy.

Natasha Bedingfield-Pocketful Of Sunshine

Love this song! First heard it on Grey's Anatomy. Excellent soundtrack CD by the way.

The Bird And The Bee-Again And Again

Also off of Grey's.  Another excellent tune.


One of the best groups of all time! I heard they are coming out with a new album soon. Which I am really looking forward to. Gwen Stefani can rock like no other girl. My sister-in-law Kelly and I went to her concert when she came to Edmonton - it was amazing.

NoDoubt-Just a Girl

Good song to dance to. 

Avril Lavigne-Girlfriend

This song means a lot to me. Not sure exactly why, I just really like it.

KT Tunstall-Suddenly I see


I am grateful for music. It picks me up when I need it most. It is the wind beneath my wings... sorry that was horrible.

I am grateful for the snow blower we have. It was a gift from Drew's dad years ago, we love you Grandpa!

I am grateful for our treadmill, So very very thankful! The kids are thankful too. A tiny little bit of exercise in this disaster of a snowstorm.