Tuesday, January 11

Me Trying To Win A Trip To Quebec City

The local radio station 102.3 NOW radio has a contest going on. If you write NOW in the sNOW (see the connection) you are entered into a draw to win a trip to Carnival in Quebec City.

I have never been to (what I am told) is the most beautiful city in Canada. So I thought What the heck. Drew was already on the roof shoveling so he could take the picture.

I went inside, made a ton of blue coloured water and out I went.

Lets keep our fingers crossed!!



I am grateful for the food that has been created these last three days home with everyone (Drew worked from home today) Drew made Tomato Soup NOT from a can. He roasted the tomatoes, sauted the onions it smelled amazing in our house. 

We also made little berry, peach and prune crisps. I love snow days. Its a good thing because I heard on the radio we are getting more snow this Thursday and it's suppose to get really cold too. 

I am grateful for a warm home.

I am grateful the children will be going to school in the morning. 3 days has been too much!