Monday, January 10

A Very Long Music Monday...Be Prepared, Get Comfy!

This weekend was long with us being unable to go anywhere; when I am at home for long periods of time I listen to a lot of music, actually I always listen to a lot of music.
The wonderful thing that comes from music for me is feelings. I can hear a song that I have not heard in years and it will instantly transport me back to a moment in time. I can remember all the thoughts and feelings surrounding that moment. Music is such a powerful tool that way for me.
So for this music Monday I have decided to share a few classic songs from my past and I will share with you why they mean so much to me.

Extreme - "More Than Words" is a song Cam used to sing to me while he played his guitar. He was my first boyfriend when I got into junior high;  he was such a gentlemen and he treated me very well. We would walk every night to see each other and would end up back at his house where he would sing. I do not remember any other song he would sing but this one.

This song was also the song my friend Trevor was practicing and would sing to me in the pit at our high school (the pit was an eating area) - he told me he was practicing so he could sing it to me when we went out with our other friend Dirk later that next week. Trevor was killed in a car accident the next Monday before we were all able to go out.

Those are the memories I have when I hear this song. Bitter sweet. To this day when I hear it on the radio I will never interrupt it, I will sit in the car until it is all over before I carry on with what I am doing.

Extreme-More than Words

Harvest Moon is such a wonderful song by Neil Young. When I hear the opening I am instantly back on that dirt road laughing and talking to Danny. I don't remember who was driving the truck, and I am ashamed to admit we were unsafely riding in the bed of the truck and not the cab on that trip. I can still feel the warm air on my skin from the summer night as we drove. I don't remember where we were going, but I remember his breath always smelled like cherry Certs and I remember just sitting together watching the stars listening to this song.

Harvest Moon-Neil Young

Naughty By Nature is one of a zillion songs The Crowfoot and I drove around town to. Some of the others like Rump Shaker, and Dr. Dre are old favorites too. I think it was the Crowfoot  that really turned me to Rap and R and B. Thank you my friend.

Naughty By Nature-Hip Hop Hooray

Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Beastie Boys are some of the groups we (Denali, Sam, Cam, Amy, Curtis,  so many people....) would listen to while we played basketball. Basketball was our lives back then. It's all we did, everyday, every night. It is one of my biggest heartbreaks in this life; losing the ability to play to age, motherhood and injury.

RHCP- Give it Away

Beastie Boys-Intergalactic

The songs Cotton Eyed Joe and No Limit instantly take me back to playing Volleyball and Basketball.  These songs were a few of our warm up songs. Cotton Eyed Joe specifically takes me back to sitting on the stage at our high school my Grade 10 year watching our senior boys volleyball team play. Jon, Cam, Boner, Mike, LB, Reese, Jesse, (who am I missing?) That was such a fun year. I hope it makes you smile like it's making me. 

Cotton Eye Joe

2 Unlimited-No Limit

The song Runaway by the Corrs is actually the song I was listening to when I knew I was not going to marry a certain boy (for the record he did not ask me but we were dating). Strange I know, but we were driving in the car together and this song came on and I was singing along and the part "make love to me through the night" came on and I did not notice but he had turned off the radio. I looked at him strange because I was belting it out and I thought the song was beautiful, and he said that that was an inappropriate song... in that exact moment I knew I would never marry him.

Runaway-The Corrs

This song by Mary Chapin Carpenter "Grow Old Along With Me" is the song Drew and I danced to on our wedding day. I am terribly sorry that the video is so awful - I couldn't find any better ones.

Grow Old with Me-MCC

And lastly this popular song "Grenade" by Bruno Mars makes me so bonkers every time I hear it I feel like it's burning my ears. I laugh every time and think to myself; get some self respect buddy. I always imagine him having a sing off with Meatloaf singing "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that." This song is so melodramatic, and so grade 7 love, it makes me want to barf - what makes me even more crazy is that my kids love it.

For the LOVE... can somebody please explain to me:
-What on Earth the gang members are angry at him for pulling a piano for? Making fun of him, yes, but angry?
-And also, why after he sees that she is cheating on him does he say he'd still catch a grenade for her, put his hand on a blade for her, take a bullet in his brain for her?
Dude... she's just not that into you. Want to know why she doesn't like you? Because you friggin' bring your piano everywhere. Get a car! Then she'll like you.

Bruno Mars-Grenade

If you have hung on this long, and if you are feeling brave and up for commenting, I would love to hear what songs you have good or bad memories to. 


I am grateful for romantic snowy nights with a hot guy and a good movie! 

I am grateful that Seth was not really hurt when he was shot in the eye with Ethan's Nerf gun.

I am deeply and humbly grateful for the love and support I feel from others regarding this blog thing. Thank you. 


Like I promised here is what happened with WW:

This is my first letter to WW...

Dear WW: 

I signed up for WW online and went to my first meeting this morning (Jan 6) in (a town). I unfortunately had to take my youngest child (age 3) who was a little disruptive but nothing unruly during the meeting portion of the morning.

Our leader not once but twice rudely gestured and spoke to me to keep my child quiet, embarrassing me in front of everyone. When the meeting was over I stayed behind to talk to her about how that made me feel to which she responded that it was her responsibility as a leader to keep a meeting quiet. That was interesting to me as I missed a portion of the vegetable lecture due to cross chatter from women beside me; she did not call them out or ask them to be quiet. 

When she had no response to this she told me next time I should leave and go sit in the bathroom with my daughter or she would write down some parenting tips for me on how to care for a child. She has one child under the age of 2, while I have four children ages 3-9.

I found her actions offensive and rude and I am shocked a company such as WW would allow a person like this to represent their company. 


To which I received...

I'm sorry that your first experience of a WW meeting was not all that you hoped it would be.

I have already discussed this matter with (the leader), and she is also very sorry that you were upset.

I trust you will be able to find a suitable alternative meeting that will work well for you.


A little surprised I wrote back this...

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my concern.

I do find the wording in regards to (the leader's) comment interesting. That she is sorry I am upset is not really an apology and implies her actions were correct and my reaction was at fault. This does not show the accountability and integrity expected of customer service personnel in any organization, let alone a multi-national one whose sole focus is the client relationship.

To say my first day back was not what I expected is a gross understatement. All I was expecting was an actual apology from (the leader), which I feel given her remarks was not too much to ask.

Thank you again for your time,


I have not received anything back as of yet.