Sunday, January 9

Snow Day in Alberta, Canada

This morning I was going to drive down to Calgary but because of the horrible weather and the 20 cm of snow my trip was, needless to say, canceled.

So we spent the entire day at home, bunkered down. Playing inside. I sent Drew outside for a bit to clear the snow off our roof and gazebo roof; it took him 3 hours.

I always get a kick when I watch the news and hear of cities in the USA or England other countries that shut down when they get a few inches of show. I can't even imagine what that would be like. For me it's a fair trade though. We have snow, but no huge gross bugs or poisonous spiders. I will take this white stuff any day.

 Here are the highlights of our snow day.

Drew pushing the snowblower.

Everyone on our road was doing the same thing at the same time; which is to say ALL morning.

This is a shot from the roof down our street.

Shoveling the roof.  

Ethan having a wonderful time.

Princess Nora.


I am grateful for days like today. Although it came at a very inconvenient time because I had plans I felt were important, Drew and I were given a play day with the children. I love playing with our children. I am grateful they still enjoy playing with us, we know this will end soon but not today.

I am grateful for the street that we live on as each of us take turns shoveling the sidewalk; it's nice to have caring neighbours.

I am grateful for all the laundry I was able to get done today. 

I am grateful for the turkey we have in our freezer that will be making an appearance tomorrow for bunker down day number two!