Sunday, January 2

Desperate for help on a Sunday, Marriage Ref style

Drew and I got into a debate last night on the way home from my dads farm, it is getting a bit bigger as the night goes on and I have nothing but what I view as common sense backing me. So I need help answering a question.

Here is the scenario.

Last night as we were driving home on the back country roads, the roads were covered in snow and it was dark out and a rather large deer ran out from the bush.

I said to Drew he should have slowed down.
He said he did not need to because first he has superior driving skills (eye roll) but also that there would be no difference in the impact to the side our truck (which is a 5608 pound GM Yukon XL) or to how the deer fared hitting our truck when he is going 70 km an hour vs 2 km an hour.

My argument was he should have slowed down (I did not say he had to go 2 km an hour, he used that speed as an example) I said he simply should have slowed down to a reasonable speed.

I also said that going faster would have the potential for the deer to get more injured vs if he hit us going very slowly.

When we got home Drew looked up on the Internet the physics of accidents and I feel that nothing he found is the same as our scenario. We tried running our own experiments where he would walk slowly past me and I would push him, and he would do it again a little faster. Obviously these brutal experiments were not only pathetic but very flawed. (Mostly because when he was going faster he would brace himself for my impact).

SO I am desperate, I need help. If any of you can answer this with math/physics ANYTHING please have mercy and answer this.

Now I will let it be known I have ZERO problem admitting when I am wrong! If I am I will happily post it to the world.

To recap- Would an animal (a deer) fare the same hitting the side of a GM Yukon XL that is going 70 km's an hour vs 2 Km's an hour? And also would the truck fare the same?

I just need some answers!!!



I am grateful the deer did not hit us.

I am grateful the weather was manageable for today's tobogganing at my dads house. The kids had a great time. And I am thankful no one got hurt, that hill was crazy!

I am grateful for the fun time and good food we all enjoyed today!