Thursday, December 22

T-Minus 3 Sleeps!

My children asked me why there are no gifts under the tree for them yet. I am wrapping things today. I don't put gifts under the tree too early because when I was younger, I would get a really sharp knife and unwrap mine. I was very good at it. I would wait until my parents were gone, and cut the tape on the presents so you could not even tell, unwrap them, see what I got, then wrap them back up.

So because of my juvenile delinquent tendencies, my children suffer and have to wait till the last possible day before they even see one gift. 

I can be such a jerk! Sometimes I giggle at the thought of the sneaky things my kids might one day do. You know, like watch a movie with someone and have a blanket over yourselves 'cause you're "cold"...yeah right! I INVENTED THAT MOVE!

So tonight I am picking up my dearest Natasha from the airport, I am really excited!!

Its almost Christmas!!


I am grateful for Natasha safe arrival.

I am grateful for a glorious good mood today.

I am grateful for my wonderful children who I am very proud of.

For example Nora, so cleaver in her ability to hid during a game of hide and seek. Its almost like full body camo.


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